Health reported a dead patient and 105 new cases of coronavirus in Río Negro

The Ministry of Salud de Río Negro confirmed the death of a 59-year-old patient from Regina as a consequence of the coronavirus.

He also reported that in the province there are 105 new cases Covid-19 positives: 3 from Allen, 4 from Campo Grande, 19 from Bariloche, 2 from Cervantes, 3 from Chimpay, 19 from Cipolletti, 1 from Comallo, 1 from Dina Huapi, 1 from Oro, 1 from Conesa, 1 from Godoy, 30 from Roca, 4 from Huergo, 1 from Jacobacci and 15 from Regina.

On the day, the Secretary of Health Mercedes Iberó explained that 51 discharges were given: 1 in Allen, 22 in Bariloche, 9 in Cipolletti, 2 in Dina Huapi, 1 in El Bolsón, 9 in Roca, 4 in Huergo and 3 in Regina.

On the other hand, the secretary pointed out that 241 suspected cases were ruled out.

In the usual conference, Iberó announced that there is a case in Viedma– still unloaded- so the capital has a positive again after almost five months.

Currently, according to official data, Río Negro has 1024 positive cases coronavirus assets, 1,665 recovered and 82 deceased.

News by Province

51 patients cured
One woman from Allen, 16 women and six men from San Carlos de Bariloche, three women and six men from Cipolletti, one woman and one man from Dina Huapi, one man from El Bolsón, seven women and two men from General Roca, two women and two men from Ingeniero Huergo and three men from Villa Regina.

1 deceased patient
A 59-year-old woman from Villa Regina with a history of previous pathologies.

105 confirmed patients
One woman and two men from Allen, two women and two men from Campo Grande, nine women and ten men from San Carlos de Bariloche, one woman and one man from Cervantes, two women and one man from Chimpay, ten women and nine men from Cipolletti, a man from Comallo, a man from Dina Huapi, a man from Fernández Oro, a woman from General Conesa, a man from General Godoy, 21 women and nine men from General Roca, one woman and three men from Ingeniero Huergo, one Engineer Jacobacci’s wife, four women and 11 men from Villa Regina.

241 patients discarded
Three from Allen, 87 from San Carlos de Bariloche, four from Cervantes, two from Chimpay, three from Choele Choel, 25 from Cipolletti, two from Coronel Belisle, 61 from General Roca, six from Ingeniero Huergo, nine from Ingeniero Jacobacci, four from Viedma, 25 from Villa Regina, one from Cinco Saltos, one from Comallo, one from Río Colorado, one from Catriel, three from Campo Grande, two from Chichinales and one from Mainque.

Totals by Province

1024 Assets
488 from San Carlos de Bariloche, 217 from General Roca, 94 from Cipolletti, 57 from Ingeniero Huergo, 50 from Villa Regina, 17 from Cervantes, 24 from Allen, 17 from Ingeniero Jacobacci, 14 from Dina Huapi, 6 from Fernández Oro, 6 from Chimpay, 4 from Cinco Saltos, 6 from Comallo, 4 from El Bolsón, 10 from General Conesa, 1 from Mainque, 5 from Campo Grande, 1 from San Antonio Oeste, 1 from Coronel Belisle, 1 from El Cuy and 1 from General Godoy.

1665 Cured
504 from San Carlos de Bariloche, 510 from General Roca, 125 from Cipolletti, 83 from Ingeniero Huergo, 85 from Villa Regina, 67 from Cervantes, 46 from Allen, 51 from Ingeniero Jacobacci, 32 from Dina Huapi, 38 from Choele Choel, 32 from Lamarque, 20 from Luis Beltrán, 14 from Fernández Oro, 10 from Chimpay, 12 from Cinco Saltos, 4 from Comallo, 6 from El Bolsón, 1 from General Conesa, 9 from Mainque, 5 from Catriel, 3 from Río Colorado, 1 from San Antonio Oeste, 1 from Coronel Belisle, 2 from Los Menucos, 1 from Barda del Medio, 1 from Chichinales, 1 from Pomona and 1 from Viedma.

82 Deceased
18 from San Carlos de Bariloche, 20 from General Roca, 9 from Cipolletti, 3 from Ingeniero Huergo, 5 from Villa Regina, 2 from Cervantes, 4 from Allen, 4 from Ingeniero Jacobacci, 8 from Choele Choel, 2 from Dina Huapi, 1 from Luis Beltrán, 1 from Cinco Saltos, 2 from Chimpay, 1 from El Bolsón, 1 from Comallo and 1 from San Antonio Oeste.

CLARIFICATION: In the part of the date, the residence of a Mainque patient with a real address in Villa Regina was determined, so a case was modified in both locations.

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