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Health reveals the causes of hepatitis viruses

Dr. Yehia Al-Shazly, Professor of Gastroenterology and Liver Diseases, member of the National Committee of Hepatitis in the Ministry of Health and Population, revealed that the transmission of infection or infection with C and B C, B, is through blood and not limited to blood transfusions or surgeries. Told Al-Bawaba News that the use of personal tools of others infected with the virus may expose the patient to infection such as the use of personal shavers, scissors and scents, and the comb and toothbrush also if they carry blood infected with the COB virus. Shazly stressed the need to use the tools Personality A single form, even between the same family, warning of repeated use of shavers and scissors, especially in public places between multiple personalities. The member of the National Committee of hepatitis viruses, the masses of citizens to go to the headquarters of the national campaign to eliminate the virus and the detection of noncommunicable diseases and the detection and treatment Free in case of infection, so as to reduce transmission and elimination of the virus in Egypt.


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