Health sees feasible move to Madrid to phase 1 after confirming an improvement in the data



05/21/2020 19:29Updated: 05/21/2020 21:51

In the Community of Madrid they assume that they will go to phase 1 next Monday, May 25. The meeting between the Minister of Health, Salvador Illa, and the Madrid counselor in the field, Enrique Ruiz Escudero, at the last minute of this Thursday it passed “in a cordial manner” and in the autonomous administration they recognize good sensations. Although the official decision will be communicated by the ministry this Friday, regional sources assure that Health “has recognized the capabilities of the Community and, especially, its system of early detection of suspected cases.”

Since this afternoon, the Madrid region recognized that “They saw no other scenario than that”, after the central government rejected up to three times that the capital abandoned phase 0. Last week, Health opted to leave the region in phase 0, although with certain economic reliefs (mainly related to trade) online with what is approved for Barcelona and baptized as level 0.5.

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The Minister of Health has highlighted the reduction in mortality from the new coronavirus and its incidence in Spain, which has been observed in recent days.

A decision that the administration led by Isabel Díaz Ayuso considered “Unfair and arbitrary”denounced the absence of “technical criteria”. As they did days ago, this Thursday the region again defended its ability to track new covid-19 infections, ensuring that PCR tests are carried out 24 hours a day, 7 days a week after the reorganization and the reinforcement of primary care, which until now the central government has branded as “promise”, assuring that Madrid still had to consolidate the activity of health centers, which now play a key role in the pandemic.

The news if you go to phase 1

If this Friday, as everything seems to indicate, the Community confirms that next Monday it will be in phase 1, the main changes will refer to the reopening of terraces in the hospitality industry and increase in social contacts. Specifically, they would be allowed meetings of up to a maximum of 10 people, and visits to family members (always avoiding vulnerable population groups). In addition, the terraces of bars and restaurants could finally open with an occupancy of 50%.

The jump to phase 0.5, which made it possible, was the opening of retail, already without an appointment and with limited capacity. The objective was to start reactivating the economy, as well as other activities such as libraries (for book loans) or certain museums.

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Madrid argues that every week that the restrictions are maintained there is serious economic damage and suggests that public health reasons no longer prevail.

Open war between administrations

The disagreements between administrations have been happening for days, but the ultimate war He arrived last week with the last number from the Pedro Sánchez Executive. And this Thursday the Community formalized the appeal before the Contentious-Administrative Chamber of the Supreme court Ayuso announced, and in which he argues that there was no “homogeneous application” of the technical indicators that Health uses to decide the phase change.

“A difference in criteria that places the decision in the field of arbitrariness, from the moment it ceases to be referred to an objective and technical evaluation of the indicators,” adds the resource, which stresses the serious economic damage that this determination will have on the Community. “Between a reactivation in May and a reactivation in June (scenarios 1 and 2) there are 3 points of difference in GDP and almost 200,000 jobs affected,” he says.

As Ayuso did last weekend, his administration’s appeal collects a barrage of data with which Madrid tries to justify that the Health decision was indeed arbitrary. In any case, the region reaffirms that it has the positive evolution of all the required markers, where in addition the number of hospitalized patients has dropped by 86% and admissions to intensive care by 73%.

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The Community openly speaks of “arbitrary decision” and opposes the Health decision, which believes it essential to consolidate early detection in primary care to move forward

The regional government insists that have no doubts that on May 25 it will go to full phase 1. They insist that “today you can no longer contemplate another scenario”, which anticipates that if something were to go wrong the tension between both administrations would reach maximum levels.

The rest of CCAA ask to go to phase 2

All communities except the Valencian Community —Who has chosen stay in phase 1 out of prudence one more week after the regrowth suffered – they aspire to go a step further next Monday in the de-escalation and with some à la carte measures.

Health holds bilateral meetings with the autonomous communities this Thursday to analyze the reports of each of them. The vast majority intend to go to phase 2, which will involve, among other measures, that bars and restaurants can serve food with a maximum of 40% of the capacity and maintaining 2 meters of security between tables; the reopening of shopping malls to 30% of their capacity in common areas and 40% for the premises, and of cinemas, theaters and auditoriums, with a third of preassigned seats, or visits to nursing homes in exceptional cases.

As for the only territories that remain so far in phase 0, beyond Madrid, the metropolitan area of ​​Barcelona also aspires to level up. As to Castilla y León, the community has decided to request that the entire region progress to phase 1 if epidemiological levels are maintained, in which there are already 71 of the 247 health areas in that stage. This region also claims “greater control” of mobility between the bordering communities and between its nine provinces.


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