Dr. Wajdi Amin, Executive Director of the National Program for Tuberculosis Control, Director of the Department of Chest Diseases, revealed the efforts of the State to treat tuberculosis patients, pointing out that there is a strategic plan aimed at reducing rates of infection according to global rates and the eradication of tuberculosis epidemiology by 2030. " Amin "to the payment of allowance allowance for tuberculosis patients per month to help them during treatment, as well as the cost of treatment, diagnosis and analysis worth about 3000 pounds while providing preventive treatment for the patient and the presence of a team of infection control at the highest level. He added, "Amin," in special statements to "Vito", that the global rate aims to the existence of 12 cases per 100 thousand of the population and currently in Egypt, the proportion of 13 cases per 100 thousand citizens and within the next 3 years, . The Executive Director of the National Program to control tuberculosis, tuberculosis is treated in all hospitals in Sadr, as well as clinics for free and conduct all tests and analyzes free of charge, noting that the cure rates are higher in Egypt compared to the injured countries citizens.


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