Heart failure: symptoms, diagnosis, treatment


  • Heart failure: what is it?

  • What are the causes of heart failure?

  • What are the symptoms of heart failure?

  • Heart failure: who? at what age ?

  • How is it diagnosed?

  • How is heart failure treated?

  • What are the complications?

  • Heart failure: what life expectancy?

Heart failure: what is it?

The heart is a muscular pump that brings oxygen-rich blood to the organs that need it to function. It is said that there is heart failure when the heart loses its muscular strength and this pump function. It then no longer manages to provide sufficient blood flow to meet the body’s metabolic needs.

When the heart pump struggles, the blood pressure increases upstream of the heart, therefore at the level of the lungs, hence the shortness of breath, then at the level of the liver and the venous system, hence the edema and weight gain. Decreased blood flow explaining fatigue.

After a while, the impact on quality of life becomes really troublesome. We find ourselves limited in our daily activities. Difficult to take a walk in the park with your children or grandchildren, complicated to go to the restaurant, to travel… until the day when a “flare heart failure” which leads to the hospital.

“When we are hospitalized, it is brutal, we do not know what is happening to us, we do not ask the right questions”(…)


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