Heart medication may help control alcoholism

– Pexel/Nicola Barts

Researchers in the United States have discovered that a simple heart medication can be very useful in controlling patients with alcoholism. As a kind of treatment, spironolactone manages to reduce the consumption of those with alcohol addiction.

First performed in mice, they realized that the drug can block mineralocorticoids, brain receptors that control the consumption of alcoholics. Soon, they sought to evolve studies for humans.

Heart medication may help control alcoholism

The research then tested the drug for those patients already with heart problems. According to them, the consumption of alcoholic beverages was lower, especially among those who used them excessively.

Nora Volkovone of the scientists then explains: “This study is an exciting step in our effort to expand medication for people with alcohol use disorder”.

“Additionally, we must address the stigma and other barriers that prevent many people with alcohol use disorder from accessing the treatments we already have available.”ends.

Currently, the United States already has three drugs available to control alcoholism.

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