‘Heat is hot and risks for children and old people too’, says public health doctor | Voice of the Plain Radio – 104.5FM

“Older people and children cannot regulate their body temperature like young adults, so they have to protect themselves from the heat, avoiding exposure to the sun and physical exertion at critical times”, emphasizes Mário Jorge.

“Dry sun allows for a greater possibility of releasing particles, which can be toxic in areas with a tradition of mining, as is the case in the municipality of Aljustrel. There is also more ozone release and an increase in the level of pollution, with car circulation”, he adds.

In this context, the public health doctor recalls that “respiratory diseases are getting worse, as are cardiovascular diseases” and that there are precautions that must be followed. “Return to the mask to avoid inhaling toxic particles and dust from fires, stay hydrated, drink regularly, always seek the shade and take a nap in a cool environment whenever possible”.

“Don’t forget to watch over old people and children and remind them of this advice” are rules to follow as well, he stresses.

Mário Jorge also states that “sunscreen, even outside of aquatic environments, is necessary to avoid serious burns”. “Contributing to the non-existence of fires is everyone’s duty”, he reinforced.