Heats up! United States Aircraft Carrier Displaying War Exercises in Front of Chinese Warships in the South China Sea, the Land of the Panda to the Media Call the Soldiers’ Action to Warm Up the War – All Pages

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United States aircraft carriers

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United States aircraft carriers

Gridhot.ID – The South China Sea has begun to heat up.

The United States of America is involved in the cold conflict in the region.

Even two aircraft carriers of the United States Navy (US) conduct exercises in the contested South China Sea, right in front of the eyes of Chinese Navy ships.

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“They saw us and we saw them,” Rear Admiral James Kirk, Commander of USS Nimitz, told Reuters on Monday (6/7) in a telephone interview from the aircraft carrier.

USS Nimitz has been training in the waterway with another Seventh Fleet aircraft carrier, USS Ronald Reagan, since last Saturday (4/7), to coincide with US Independence Day on July 4.

The US Navy has also brought aircraft carriers to show strength in the South China Sea in the past. But, this year’s training took place amid increasing tension with China.

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Tensions stemmed from the US criticizing China for the corona virus outbreak and accusing it of taking advantage of a pandemic to push territorial claims in the South China Sea and elsewhere.

The Chinese Foreign Ministry said the United States deliberately sent its ships to the South China Sea to flex its muscles and accuse it of trying to move wedges between countries in the region.

There are 12,000 sailors aboard US ships

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The Pentagon, when announcing military exercises carrying aircraft carriers, said the United States wanted “to defend the rights of all countries to fly, sail and operate wherever international law allows”.

The US Department of Defense described 100,000 tons of ships and each carrying 90 or more warplanes as “symbols of determination”.

Around 12,000 sailors are on board in the group of aircraft carriers combined the attacker.

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China claims 90% of the resource-rich South China Sea, with trade ships worth US $ 3 trillion a year ago passing in those waters. Brunei, Malaysia, the Philippines, Taiwan and Vietnam have competing claims.

China has built bases on the roof of the South China Sea, but has stated its purpose for peace.

Despite making close contact with Chinese warships, Krik said, without any incident.

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“We have hope, we will always conduct professional and safe interactions,” he said. “We operate in very dense waters, many types of sea traffic”.

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