Heavy fines for carrying suitcases of a relative of the former Angolan president

They went to Monaco with nearly three million euros in cash. Fines of around 750,000 euros were imposed Monday in Marseille on three Angolans, two Portuguese and a Cape Verdean judged for not having declared to Customs three million euros in cash intended for a relative of the former Angolan president dos Santos .

Intercepted at the Arles toll booth (Bouches-du-Rhône) on June 13, 2013, the carriers explained that they had been responsible for transporting this money to Monaco, where General Bento dos Santos, an extremely wealthy Angolan businessman, leader of the ‘a football club and husband of the niece of former Angolan President Jose Eduardo dos Santos.

105,000 euros hotel bill to pay

The money would have been intended to pay his expenses in a palace and the casino, in Monaco, where he was then with about twenty guests. His bank card having exceeded the authorized limit and limiting withdrawals to 10,000 euros, he would have requested that these sums be transported from Portugal to Monaco. The hotel bill exceeded in particular 105,000 euros.

Despite letters rogatory, the judges were never able to establish the facts of suspected aggravated money laundering. The court therefore only ruled on the facts of failure to report an amount in cash exceeding 10,000 euros, an offense punishable by a fine equivalent to a quarter of the sum. The court ordered the return of the three million euros seized, the offense prosecuted not allowing for confiscations.