heavy rain and risk of thunderstorm, number 1722 activated

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“An active undulating disturbance approaches the country from the west this evening and will not leave our regions by the south-east until Wednesday during the evening. On its way, we generally expect accumulations of 20 to 40 l / m² in 24 hours. The highest totals should, however, mainly concern the regions north of the Sambre and Meuse furrows. Wednesday afternoon, it will also be necessary to deal with a risk of thunderstorm in places, “indicates the IRM, which places the country on yellow alert from this Tuesday evening at 8 pm until Wednesday at the end of the evening.

The Interior SPF temporarily activated the number 1722 for non-emergency firefighters on Tuesday. The 1722 makes it possible to discharge the emergency number 112 in the event of a storm and to prevent people whose life is in potential danger from having to wait unnecessarily.



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