Heavy rain and strong wind warnings for South Wales


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Wednesday's warning is for heavy rain

The Met Office has issued two severe weather warnings that are likely to affect South Wales on Wednesday and Friday.

The yellow warning on Wednesday is for heavy rain and is valid from 00:15 GMT to 12:00.

The yellow warning from the Met Office for Friday applies to both heavy rain and strong winds and lasts from 09:00 to 21:00.

Both warnings would affect travel time and possibly cause flooding.

On Wednesday, 15-25 mm of rain is expected with some 40-60 mm over some hills.

"Some heavy rains and fall foliage blocking the sewer system increase the likelihood of impact," says the Met Office.

Flooding in "some" homes and businesses is likely to cause splashing and surface water, resulting in delays on the road and on the rail.

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Friday's warning of heavy rain and strong winds covers a slightly smaller area.

The warning until Friday is another group of heavy rains moving east during the day.

The rain is accompanied by strong winds, with gusts of 50 mph possible in the interior, and perhaps 60 mph on some coasts.

The Met Office says coastal routes, sea fronts and coastal communities will be hit by splashes and big waves.

Yellow is the lowest of three categories of Met Office alerts, including amber and red.

Yellow and yellow are based on probability and possible effects. Red means that dangerous weather is to be expected.


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