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Heck yeah Eagles fans will boast the defending Super Bowl champions

He just rested. (Brett Carlsen / Getty Images)

Fifty percent of the NFC East teams are now in a buffalo crisis, as in Washington and Philadelphia is characterized by storylines in which fans clamor when playing poorly at home.

Washington's debate was inspired by Josh Norman's extensive Sunday evening exhibition, why he prefers to play every game on the street, as the Redskins fans have "everything boo and not really behind us". A quick look at the facts shows that Washington's predecessor home game was a 38-14 demolition, with some home fans a bit unhappy. Perhaps Norman's admonition will convince more fans to rejoice the next time the home team drops by 24.

But that was nothing compared to the situation on I-95, where the Eagles were boasted for the second time this season on Sunday night, despite last year's Super Bowl title. This has led to a debate about how long good feelings should last and how a fighting team can best be encouraged to play better, and whether it is right to boge in general, and if there is anything disconcerting about it, loudly to be depressed. (There are.)

You will recall that some Philadelphians were disapproved of by the team's first game of the season, including an optional three-point game in the first half of the game.

Then the cowboys arrived on Sunday, when the Bohen drew the attention of Al Michaels of NBC again.

"Well, it's Philadelphia. What have you done for me lately? "Michaels said, according to

(Before complaining about our excessive derecognition, have you heard about the new motto of the Post Office? "All boos that are suitable for printing." Oh man, that's good.)

(As they always say about journalism, this is the first rough draft from Hissssstory.) Oh man, that's even better.)

The real highlight of the debate, however, was after the game, when Peter King called NBC Eagles fans the "Goat of the Week" for "drilling the Eagles out of the field at halftime in Week 10".

"It was not the season you wanted in Philly," King admitted. "And you lose to the Cowboys, toothless, 13-3, but to screw the crap out of the team that delivered a rousing Super Bowl victory nine months ago? Bush League."

Criticize fans because they are critical? Does she call Bush League crazy? This theme is like many bushes evergreen. And so wonderfully Philadelphia caused this to defend his boor.

"You just called the Eagles toothless, and the Eagles fans are golfering golf?" WIP's Rhea Hughes responded again via "You know what the problem with Peter King and Al Michaels is? You have not paid a ticket for a long, long, long time. You have no idea. They do not sit in the stands, they do not pay for these tickets. You have no idea. "

"I would expect to be booed after such a performance," said NBC Sports hockey analyst Keith Jones. "It should be [like that] in every city. Unfortunately not. But Philadelphia does it best. "

The defense was also written.

"Look, the Eagles won the Super Bowl nine months ago, and that's great," wrote Dave Zangaro of NBC Sports Philadelphia. "But Eagles fans did not pronounce the Super Bowl team on Sunday night. They have spoken out to a team that has repeatedly disappointed this season, a team that should adhere to a "new standard" and has diminished in every way imaginable. Of course, the fans booed; They booed loudly. Maybe some fan bases would now give the organization a passport. I'm proud of Eagles fans because they are not. "

There's probably no great way to scientifically determine whether Eagles fans are for drilling, or whether Eagles fans think the Super Bowl prize should give them a longer reprieve than nine months, or Eagles fans will be happy about another headline. Philadelphia and Bux. (Probably they will be due to past experience.)

But you know this: there were many Eagles fans online who immediately defended Bohen after King rejected them, and who appreciated that Zangoro and others had spoken out in the name of Booers and Buoing, and who said last Fame of the season does not need a fan base to get fat and happy and content.

Classes? Well, here is one: if the defending Super Bowl champions are booed at home, Josh Norman should probably not be hurt too much by fans frustrated with a team that has not won a title for 26 years. Here's another, and it's a cliché, but it's true: It's easy to criticize the behavior of the fans in the press box, but when it's late and you are cold and you have paid a lot of money for the seats and your team What a Dead Hydrangea Looks Like Bohen may not be Busch league: it could only be natural. Here's a third one: Growing up in the NFC East is like growing up in the playground. it will hurt your feelings, but make you stronger. Or at least you teach a lot of dirty words.

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