Hectic night for the police

The police have had their hands full all over the country until Sunday night, with many reports of riots and amp mood.

In Kirkenes, a male festival goer has been arrested after threatening both guards and guests with a knife.

– When we arrived, there was control of the situation. Others had taken care of the person in question and the knife had been thrown away, says operations manager Lars Rune Hagen to TV 2.

The police will open a case on the matter.

– He is in Kirkenes now, we have questioned people on the spot, the operations manager concludes.

Several fights

Further south in the country, the police have more than enough to deal with.

– There are a lot of reports of disturbances and riots, says operations manager Marianne Mørch in the South-East police district.

The police have felt compelled to prioritize the more serious incidents.

– It is certain and certain that we have not had the capacity for everything, Mørch says.

Among the major incidents in the district is a fight between two women and a man in the center of Bø. The man was kicked in the head and fell to the ground, and was taken to the emergency room.

– Indicates that the offended party has been rude to a lady and her own lady. The result was that the victim went downhill and was fired by one of the ladies, the operations center reports.

Also in Horten, there were disagreements between a man and a woman, when both hit each other.

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– She said that the man had held her back because she did not want to go home with him. She got scared and hit him, he hit back, reports the police.

Ampert in Rogaland

Stavanger was also not spared fights on Sunday night, and several people were involved in a fight outside the railway station at 01.50.

– A man in his early 40s has been hit in the face. Two men in their 20s are suspected of the affair. There are conflicting explanations for what happened before the violence, reports the South-West police district.

A quarter of an hour earlier, there was a commotion in Sandnes, where an aggressive guest made nausea at a nightclub. The police moved out, and were unimpressed by what met them.

– When the police arrived at the scene, the man in the early 30s was uncooperative and came up with insults against the police, the operations center informs.

The man was reported for insulting a public official and expelled from the city center.