“Heel” Peugeot Partner Rapid became the fourth type of Partner – Autoreview

So far, the exchange of models within the Stellantis concern has been unilateral: from French vans and minivans, new European models of Fiat Scudo and Fiat e-Ulysse have been made. Now it is the turn of the reverse exchange, although it took place in distant Brazil. There is a “heel” Peugeot Partner Rapid, which is a converted local model Fiat Fiorino.

Do not confuse this van with the European Fiorino: they have almost nothing in common. The Brazilian Fiat Fiorino debuted in 2013, it is based on the local small car Fiat Uno and has an extremely simple and advanced design. Moreover, in Mexico, these vans are sold under the name Ram Promaster Rapid, and in Colombia, Bolivia and Peru – as the Ram V700. The only upgrade took place at the end of 2021, when Fiorino gained a changed appearance and a different interior.

The newly made Peugeot Partner Rapid with a length of 4407 mm differs from the original Fiat only in the radiator grille and seat upholstery. Of course, except for other emblems and side plates with a different name. Under the hood is the same eight-valve aspirated 1.4 of the Fire family, which produces 84 hp on gasoline, and 86 hp on ethanol common in Brazil. The gearbox is a five-speed “mechanics”.

There are no passenger versions in the range, only a van with a carrying capacity of 650 kg, the volume of the cargo compartment is 3.3 cubic meters. Rear axle – with spring suspension and drum brakes. However, the Partner has one important feature. Especially for Peugeot, a “stripped” basic equipment has been prepared – without power steering, power windows, air conditioning and even a heater. Fiat has it all “in the database”. But they also ask for less for Peugeot: $19,700 versus $20,700 for Fiorino.

Production of Peugeot Partner Rapid vans is carried out at the same Fiat plant in Betim, where versions under the Fiat and Ram brands are made. Interestingly, this Brazilian “heel” has become the fourth car under the name Peugeot Partner in the company’s global range. After all, the European Partners of all three generations are still in the ranks! Albeit with a caveat. The first generation model (1996 model) is still being produced in Argentina, the second generation (2008) has been assembled in Russia until recently (cars are still on sale), and the third generation has been made in Spain and Portugal since 2018.