Heidelberg Zoo shows new exhibition on climate change – SWR Aktuell

Droughts, floods, storms – the “Climate Escape” exhibition at the Heidelberg Zoo is dedicated to the perspective of people around the world whose living conditions are changing. They tell their own stories.

There isn’t a day on which there isn’t new bad news on social media. Climate change is inexorable. Researchers around the world are pointing out more and more clearly what data has been proving for years: the world is changing. The nature. The framework in which we all live.

Different perspectives on climate change

A touring exhibition at the Heidelberg Zoo is now dedicated to this topic. It’s called “Climate Escape” and focuses on the people who are most affected. Give them their own voice. With the help of life-size displays, they themselves tell their life stories via an audio function.

Climate Escape Exhibition (Photo: Heidelberg Zoo)

With the help of life-size displays, people from all over the world tell how the climate is changing their lives.

Zoo Heidelberg

“What’s special about this exhibition is that it doesn’t concentrate on one continent or one population group, but rather that examples from very different corners of the world are shown.”

Zoo wants to raise awareness for climate protection

The traveling exhibition has a very specific goal: to sensitize people of all ages to climate protection. The Heidelberg Zoo provides the right framework for this, says Axel Schlemann, head of the Zoo Academy. As a UNESCO-awarded place of learning, the Heidelberg Zoo is predestined for this. The topic of climate change is already being addressed with various topics.

Dernau in the district of Ahrweiler, which was almost completely flooded by the water masses.  Cars and houses sink into the water masses.  (Photo: IMAGO, imago images/Future Image)

Floods, heavy rain, drought, tornadoes – extreme weather conditions are being accelerated by climate change.

For example, climate change is closely linked to another major future issue: the disappearance of biodiversity. This is where zoos come in, according to Schlemann. With the help of offspring and nature conservation programs as well as education, they are committed to preserving endangered species. In workshops for children, too, future topics that are interlinked are repeatedly dealt with.

“People whose atoll is about to sink are affected very differently than people fleeing drought on the edge of the Sahel.”

Exhibition in the Expo Hall in the Heidelberg Zoo

The audible exhibition itself can be seen in the Expo Hall. It was initiated by the German Climate Foundation (DKS). According to their own statements, their goal is to clearly present options for action for sustainable development and in particular for climate protection by means of events and educational projects in Germany and abroad.