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Heidi Klum celebrates Halloween with her Tom Kaulitz – video shows her crazy transformation


Heidi Klum and Tom Kaulitz disguised themselves as Fiona and Shrek on Halloween. The transformation was once again a huge effort, but the fans are thrilled. Heidi Klum and Tom Kaulitz celebrate Halloween as Fiona and ShrekUpdate November 1, 2018, 6.18 am: Now it's out! Heidi Klum and Tom Kaulitz went to the legendary Halloween party of the model on Wednesday evening (local time) as the Ogre couple Fiona and Shrek. On Instagram, Heidi Klum documented her transformation to the fairy-tale character of the animated film. The party and the costumes of the model-mom have been legendary for years. With much effort Heidi Klum can be rephrased every year. This year, the 45-year-old not only missed a Knoll nose and big cheeks, but also a lush decollete of plastic. Your fans think it's great. "Shrexy," one user writes to a picture, and another comments, "Fabulous Costume." More user comments on Instagram are "OMG they go as Shrek and Fiona," "Great Costume, Mega Couple," "Hahahaha das is the madness! Finally, something funny "and" I knew it. "Heidi and Tom's Halloween transformation in Fiona and Shrek in VideoHeidi Klum: Which costume is she wearing on Halloween? Fans have a guess Update October 31, 2018, 8:35 pm: Heidi Klum makes every year a great secret to their spectacular Halloween costumes. On Instagram, she's heating up the rumors: What's she going to do at her legendary Halloween party this year? First she posted a video of a huge Klum (p) -foot, now she posted another detail of her costume. To see in the short clip is Heidi Klums face with closed eyes – and her huge bust. Because obviously the 45-year-old is plugged by a makeup artist in a suit that includes oversized breasts. The combination of thick foot and big breasts lets her Instagram followers immediately conclude: Your initial presumption was right! Many users agree: Heidi Klum will act as Fiona from "Shrek". Whether the fans were right, will show at their Halloween party.Refer Klump-foot Heidi Klums Halloween Costume? Update October 30, 2018, 8:07: One day before their legendary Halloween party Heidi Klum speculation about this year's Costume with a post on Instagram again properly fueled. A short video clip shows an oversized modeled chunky foot. "Any guesses," the 45-year-old wants to know from her followers. "Putting my best foot forward this #HeidiHalloween", so the matching wordplay of the model, which means in German as "I'll do my best for HeidiHalloween" .Ganz ahead in the assumptions of their followers: Shrek and Fiona, the two ogres of the animated Cinema series "Shrek". That would also fit in with the planned joint ride with friend Tom Kaulitz, who is allowed to accompany Heidi Klum to their Halloween break. Another hot tip from the fans is the comic character Hulk, followed by King Kong and Big Foot. Heidi Klum posts old photo of herself as an old woman update from October 28, 2018: The Halloween disguises by Heidi Klum are not just since yesterday legendary – This is also shown by a photo from the year 2013, which the juror of GNTM now posted as a reminder on Instagram: A short horror moment for all, who did not have Halloween and who did not know their disguise from back then. But soooo fast you do not age even as stressed-out TV celebrities. However, there is also criticism of the disguise: "Looks very real, BUT somehow I ask myself the question: Should your Halloween disguise express that being old is scary and frightening? Because your transformation back then was not disgusting or terrible, just realistic, as you will really look in a few decades, "says a fan on Instagram and is not alone. But there are also many positive reactions: "You are the Halloween Queen," it says.Heidi Klum shows Halloween preparations – in image no. 8 it is suddenly hotUpdate October 22, 2018: These days, turns on Heidi Klums Instagram account is all about Halloween. Every day, as a countdown to October 31st, she posts the costumes of her legendary Halloween party of the past few years. Together with her family and friend Tom, who is also a Halloween fanatic, she carves pumpkins and makes all sorts of scary stuff, as can be seen on her Instagram profile. If you click there through your current story, you will get some crafts. Clips but at picture number eight suddenly to see another proof of love for Tom Kaulitz. On the black and white photo, the model and the Tokyo hotel guitarist are very cuddly. Heidi Klum cuddles with Tom Kaulitz and shows the picture on Instagram. © Screenshot InstagramWith his eyes closed, the two lovebirds are shortly before a kiss. Decorated is the photo with many red hearts. And also the following picture in the story is dedicated to Heidi Klum Tom. Video: The crudest Halloween costumes by Heidi Klum Now she was officially named the Halloween Queen. In the video you can see their greatest costumes. "Maybe we'll top it": Heidi Klum with proof of love to Tom KaulitzNote from October 20, 2018: Los Angeles – Heidi Klum's anticipation of Halloween is growing day by day. She clearly shows this on her Instagram account, where she posts her costumes of recent years almost every day. A photo with Tom and her children makes the fans into a rage. But what will Heidi Klum's costume look like? In an interview with BUNTE, she reveals how far she and her stylists are already preparing for the night of October 31: "The GNTM juror will not miss the fun." There is one person who does prosthetics for me. So all the things that are glued on the face. "Will Heidi dress up again beyond recognition? Which costume the model-mom chooses for this year's Halloween, of course, is a secret again. Only so much can be seen through: "It is very cute. Pretty not necessarily. But very sweet. "Proof of love from Heidi Klum to Tom KaulitzHeidi's 17-year-old boyfriend Tokio-Hotel-Guitarist Tom Kaulitz would certainly like Heidi in every outfit. He will not miss her infamous Halloween party. "Tom joins in. We're coming in pairs, "Heidi says with a love smile. He and twin brother Bill Kaulitz are just like them big Halloween fans: "I've already seen cool costumes. But maybe we'll top this year this year. "Exmann, singer Seal (54), and ex-boyfriend Vito Schnabel (32) have been in the past for Heidi Halloween parties in shell – that is now also Tom Kaulitz allowed, is a great Proof of love of the model. You may also be curious about Tom's scary look. Video: Also scary – Tom Kaulitz cuddles with a dog in bed By the way, Heidi Klum has a successor at the US casting show "Project Runway". She is also a sought-after top model.Also interesting: Daniel Küblböck: Strange comment under photo of Heidi Klum and Tom Kaulitz popped up.rmUpdate 29.10.18: Not only Heidi Klum is in the Halloween fever, but also all over Germany joins the trend , If you want to celebrate the day, but do not know exactly what the day means, you can read more here.



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