Helen Mirren, 76, betrayed her as she maintains her beauty. You can easily get this penny miracle cure too

I love castor oil! I lubricate it everywhere: I use it in a very thin layer on my hair, my nails, but also on my face The actress says. – A Castor oil fantastic agent. A little bit of it is enough for the hair to shine and have beautiful strands and is also very good for the eyebrows and lashes.

Simplicity also characterizes the actress’ make-up habits

A good amount of mascara and a nice lipstick is plenty enough for a casual look. What really matters is beautiful facial skin, regular training and a healthy diet!

The actress explains. “If the only advice I could give to the younger generation, it would be to pay close attention to what you bring into your organization, because in the long run, that’s all that matters!” Please don’t smoke!

Helen was just as honest about her weaknesses

The truth is, I try to get myself to train every day, but unfortunately my self-discipline is very poor. And I also have to say that I love donuts, and sometimes a drink is good. I do not deny myself anything, because I confess that we should consume everything, but do it in moderation!

The actress is on the cover of People’s 2022 special issue of beauty, but says she never considered herself particularly beautiful:

“Most of us are not beautiful, but more importantly, what is inside us.” We have a lot of qualities that are more important than beauty. Let’s make room for these instead!


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