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Helene Fischer: Tickets for her ZDF show at almost astronomical prices on Ebay

Helene Fischer will delight her fans on Christmas with her "Helene Fischer Show" on ZDF. On Ebay there are last tickets for the recording of the show – at crazy prices. "Helene Fischer Show": Ticket prices on Ebay are absurdly highNews from 3 November 2018: At Christmas, ZDF once again shows a newly recorded "Helene Fischer Show": on the first public holiday (December 25) at 8.15 pm. The tickets for the live show in Dusseldorf on December 7th and 8th are sold out (the show was recorded in Dusseldorf in 2017), but fans on Ebay have the chance to bid for the last tickets. For that they have to be absurd To pay high prices: Two tickets cost at least € 300.Would you be willing to pay for it? Check out the ticket prices for the "Helene Fischer Show" that Ebay dealers demand. © Screenshot EbayHelene Fischer posts a disturbing photo – now the fans are investigatingNews from 2 November 2018: The bloodshot photo of Helene Fischer seems to inspire the fans of the hit queen in particular to detective work. "This is from the tour in 2017 where she had so badly lit the eye", suspected a fan. Another wants to know that she had sustained this injury at a concert in Zurich.Video: Had you thought that? Helene Fischer scares her Fans with Instagram image News from November 1, 2018, 12:05: Close-up, a lot of face, even more makeup – and a blood-red eye: This is what a photo that Helene Fischer has posted on her Instagram account now looks like. To this she wrote: "#trickortreat #happyhalloween #realredeye #tourmemories #oneyearago #helenefischer." You might think it was a Halloween gag – why should only Heidi Klum disguise – but the hashtag #realredeye reveals that it really is a violation would have to act. Accordingly, the reaction of the fans of Helene Fischer is concerned: "Helenchen, your eye is red," worries one. "Auweia, did not hurt that, Helene?", Another wants to know. Another has already a diagnosis ready: "This is or was no conjunctivitis, but a Hyposphagm!" The Halloween fans among their followers makes the photo but also fun: "We are watching grad horror film, I see this picture and Full of fright … "Helene Fischer suddenly receives a" shock "messageNews from October 27, 2018: Helene Fischer shares a request on Instagram:" She has so many beautiful memories in her heart. She now wants to hear about the most beautiful moments of her fans, who connect them with their concerts: "Let me participate, your 'absolute favorite moment." 713 comments are currently under the post. The fans tell of their personal highlights and the stories are touching to read. A fan from Austria posts a particularly emotional narrative about the shock moment when it looked like Helene Fischer's concerts might be canceled: "My best Girlfriend and I bought tickets for your concert in Vienna in winter 2016 !! GIANT PREVENTION for over a year …… Then the shock …. These headlines ….. Oh my God !! Then we decided to go to Vienna anyway, we said we still have a nice weekend, even if the concert would not take place! And then finally the best news ever …. The concerts on the weekend take place, full of anticipation we drive so by car to Vienna! Then it's finally time, we are sitting in the city hall, the last hour to wait has come …… Heartquake ….. EXCITED PUR …. And then it starts your great countdown …. The HEART quake IS ALWAYS MORE, and then you come in and put on a HAMMER appearance !!! It was just awesome! We've never bought such expensive concert tickets, BUT Dear Helene, we would do it again and again for one of your concerts !! I was really nice at many concerts, but yours was by far the best, the greatest thing you can do is incredible !!!! We had soooooo a great weekend in Vienna, we would like to repeat, so dear Helene please come back soon! Lg Greetings from Austria. "In addition to this, there are many more emotional stories to read under Helene's post. What a nice idea! Video: Thoughtful post makes her fans dreamHelene Fischer posts photo message on Instagram – Fans are thrilledNews from October 25, 2018: Helene Fischer (34) gave everything on her last mega-tour to her fans to inspire. The many performances are a show of strength even for the disciplined Schlagerqueen. The 34-year-olds seem to be busy with the past intensive months, as a recent post on Instagram reveals. It's a black and white photo. No glitter, no glamor can be seen. Apparently, the recording was made during the tour with rehearsals on stage. The audience ranks in a large hall are deserted. Helene Fischer can only be recognized from behind. She hangs upside down, acrobatically on two ropes. Helene Fischer shows herself quite sentimental "moments of happiness that we enjoy, that surprise us … it's not that we grab them – they grab us!" Writes Helene Fischer to the photo. And she also gives her fans a message: "those who are afraid to fall will never fly" (in German: who is afraid to fall, will never fly) .In the end, the "breathless" singer sets in the end the hashtags #thankful #memories #forever #inmyheart. What does the girlfriend of Florian Silbereisen want to tell her fans? It is not the first time that she is addressing her fans with a sentimental message. Helene Fischer had already done so after the end of her big stadium tour in 2018. Shortly thereafter, however, to say goodbye with a hot photo in the well-deserved vacation. Now the power woman lets her fans re-participate in their emotional life and reaps applause. "True words", "I'm grateful for every moment with you" and "Thank you, for just these moments" is in the comments to read. Helene Fischer posts new photo on Instagram: Fans laugh at gray singerNews from 23 October 2018: News treat Helene Fischer (34) for a break. The singer had completed a remarkable tour in the past months. A show of strength for the 36-year-old and also for the crew. On top of that, an infection had disabled the hit star in the spring. Concerts had to be canceled. A drama for the fans. But the disease is long over and now history. Helene Fischer's Instagram account is all the more shocking: Helene Fischer: What happened to the singer? With her mouth wide open, the "breathless" singer stares in bewilderment at her completely graying image with pimples on her face. And what's that terrible spear doing in her head? "I guess it turned a bit gray and there was something wrong in your face, so I'd just give it a thought !!! Know yourself, no? WHAAAAT ??? "Helene Fischer writes about Insta-Pic. However, the singer also reveals what this completely graying Helene Fischer is all about. The second version of Fischer was apparently made for the waxworks Madame Tussauds. However, this snapshot is not entirely new. Already in the spring of 2017, the blonde was in the workshop of Madame Tussauds to look at the head of her clay figure. In the late summer of 2017, the new, second Helene Fischer wax figure was unveiled in Berlin. The fans, however, do not seem to care, they enjoy themselves deliciously about this recording. Video: Helene Fischer is happy about WachsfigurKomplett hüllenlos? Helene Fischer posts a mega hot photo – it stimulates men's imaginationNews from 18 October 2018Helene Fischer (34) is not only famous for her voice and her numerous hits like "Atemlos" and "Phänomen". The Schlager-Queen, who was born in Krasnoyarsk, Russia, also enthuses about 540,000 followers on Instagram with her photos. Helene Fischer (36) keeps her fans up-to-date on Instagram – now a disturbing photo has surfaced (archive photo) © dpa / Axel HeimkenHelene Fischer surprised with a revealing photo – and justifies itself Once in a while Helene Fischer photos are quite revealing. A particular image of the singer is even on a dirty side particularly popular. Also on her latest Instagram post Helene Fischer shows a lot of skin. It seems she's wearing only a white and black blazer on the picture shot by star photographer Kristian Schuller – and nothing else! That's what some of their fans think so too. User comments like "There's no pants, Helene!" Will not be long in coming. But also lots of positive feedback reaps the blonde, such as: "If someone can carry, then you, Helene! Mega photo! "# Dochdochichhabewasdrunter: Helene Fischer explains with hashtagIn the caption, Helene Fischer finally explains: She not only reveals that the photo was taken in a tent on the beach, she also uses the hashtag #dochdochichhabewewdresser to deny any doubters the reason Assuming she is naked under the blazer. For this humorous hashtag she is celebrated by her fans almost as much as for the black and white photo: "This is called style. Dressed and still so hot! You can do everything! But honestly, the #dochdochichhabhabewasdrunter hashtag is almost better than the photo, "commented a user for example. For some of their fans, however, that was clear from the start. This is also what this Instagram user finds: "You can see, it wears something underneath." And in fact: If you look closely, you can at least recognize a black panty. Only what is on top? That remains open. Meanwhile, the first dates and venues of the tour of Rammstein publicized. 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