Hélène Hendriks: “That remark remains up to him…

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Helene Hendriks
Foto: © Pro Shots

Hélène Hendriks has been seen for years as a presenter along the football fields. The 42-year-old Hendriks is a supporter of NAC Breda, but does not receive hate mail, for example from Willem II fans, because of her club preference.

“I am for NAC, most people know that,” says Hendriks Veronica Superguide. “I think it’s just about how you deal with that. I don’t walk around in a NAC shirt all day, for example. NAC and Willem II are huge rivals, but I can just as easily enter Willem II. I have even did a player presentation.”

“But sometimes you don’t have to be a fan of a club at all to be seen like that. Years ago, Feyenoord player Pellè accused Jan Joost of Ajax sympathy in front of the camera. That comment caused a lot and sticks to him , while he is not at all for Ajax,” said Hendriks.