Hello censorship: UFC Russia edited Beneyl Dariush’s words

Are there any Marxists in the UFC Russian office?

It would seem that Russia has been a democratic rule-of-law state for a very long time, and freedom of speech seems to be enshrined in our Constitution.

However, the Russian office of the UFC has apparently been taken over by the Marxists. Otherwise, it is difficult to explain why part of the post-match speech was cut out from the speech of UFC lightweight Beneyl Dariush, who won the UFC 262 co-main event against Tony Ferguson yesterday.

In this most censored part of his speech, Iranian-American Beneyl Dariush dedicated his victory to “all those affected by Marxist ideologies”:

“Secondly, I want to dedicate this battle to all the people who have suffered from Marxist ideologies. You are millions, and I know that. It’s just a battle – not that much. But I want you to know that I love you, and I understand your pain – not completely, of course, but I love you very much. “

It is not entirely clear what exactly in these words UFC Russia seemed seditious. The fighters constantly add religion and politics to their performances – this, of course, is not necessary, but it seems like there is no obvious crime here. And to this day, the Russian office of the UFC gave all these things without cuts. It seems.

What has changed? We hope that UFC Russia will issue a press release on this occasion and somehow explain it, because, in fact, they have no moral right to censor the speeches of the fighters.

The first video is the original (starting at 1:00)

The second is the version with censorship from UFC Russia