Hello Hamburg: Joker benefits for newcomers

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But please with coffee

Almost nothing helps you feel at home in a foreign city more than having a regular gastronomic stop. After just a few visits, at least here, you know how things work. A café that is absolutely ideal for this is the Schmidt & Schmidtchen. After all, it can be found at countless locations in the city and offers delicious tarts, cakes, coffee variations and of course Franzbrötchen. Even better: With the Schmidt & Schmidtchen discount from HaspaJoker, you get a 15 percent discount on pastries, all drinks and cakes. It tastes even better then.

Hamburg rides the StadtRAD

There is only one answer to the question of how you can best get to know Hamburg. Well, by bike, of course. In this way, you not only see a lot of the city, but also quickly get an understanding of where what is and how which districts are connected. Practical: Nobody needs to buy their own bike, the StadtRAD Hamburg is available to everyone. Even better: If the journey only lasts 30 minutes, the journey is free – always. With the StadtRAD advantage from HaspaJoker, it gets even cheaper, because here you save 2o percent on the normal rate from the 31st minute.

Hamburg, city of the lion king

Hamburg has many faces and one of them is: musical city. Probably the most famous? The Lion King. For over 20 years, visitors from all over have enjoyed the iconic story. The enthusiasm does not break down across generations. Of course, as a newcomer to Hamburg, you’ll be curious about one of the city’s business cards. Anyone who is a HaspaJoker customer will be seduced even more. Because thanks to the Lion King discount, you get up to 7 percent of the ticket price back. In addition, shipping is free.

Get to know the area

Yes, there is a lot to discover within the city. But you’ve only really arrived when you’ve ventured into the surrounding area and understood: It’s really nice here too. A first port of call for this project is the much-heard Lüneburg Heath. Long walks through the heath have a very special way of helping you forget the hustle and bustle of the big city for a while. There is also a very special sight here: the highest treetop path in northern Germany. At a height of 700 meters, the landscape and the animals of the neighboring wildlife park can be admired from above. As a HaspaJoker customer, it is also cheaper here: Entry costs 10 percent less with the Heide Himmel advantage.

Favorite cinema anyone?

The move to Hamburg not only requires new doctors, new regular cafés and pubs, but also a new favorite cinema. Because when it rains – and it does in Hamburg, let’s be honest, often – there’s nothing nicer than sinking into a deep armchair and a thrilling story. The right cinema? The Holi in Harvestehude. Here visitors can expect the charm of bygone times and a selection of top-class films, which you can enjoy together with company thanks to the Holi advantage of the HaspaJoker for 1 euro cheaper. There’s also an upgrade if you treat yourself to a medium portion of popcorn.

refuel culture

Moving often comes with a few resolutions. A classic: Now in your new home, you really throw yourself into city life and don’t spend evening after evening on the couch, but instead treat yourself to something in the form of culture. After all, you can count on one hand how many times you’ve been to the theater in the last city. All the better that the HaspaJoker has something ready here too. In the German SchauSpielHaus, by the way the largest spoken theater in Germany, there are many performances with 10 percent if two tickets are bought and these are performed in the Great House or the Painter Hall. Click on to the SchauSpielHaus advantage.

Stay on the sports ball

What started in the former place of residence should not and must not simply end in the new city. What are we talking about? Well, from the sports routine that is elaborately integrated into life, of course. So now all you have to do is choose a studio and mingle with the sporty people. After all, a gym is always a good place to meet new people. And as we all know, a few more acquaintances in a foreign city never hurt. Of course, HaspaJoker also has an offer in this situation: If you do sports at FitX, you save 29 euros once and 4 euros a month with the FitX Sport advantage.

Our texts, tips and recommendations are aimed at everyone who is interested in Hamburg. That’s why we try to use gender-neutral formulations. If we use the masculine form, this is only for the flow of reading. But we always think along with people of all genders.

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