Hello Mini-Milan: BTN-Jenefer & Matze have become parents!

Hello Mini-Milan: BTN-Jenefer & Matze have become parents!

The first Berlin – Day Baby is here: Jenefer Riili and Matthias Höhn (22) became the proud parents of little Milan yesterday morning. In February, the series actors announced that they expect offspring. Provided from that time Jenefer their fans with copious pregnancy updates, yet for a good two days It had become quiet about the otherwise so active TV-Beauty. Now it is clear why: Jenefer has born a very healthy, quick-fidel child! The wistful, long wait is finally over and the overjoyed ex-couple can hold their chuck in his arms: “Our little Milan saw the light of day on Wednesday, the 13th of June at 8:20 am We are incredibly proud and full of love” Write both the new mom and the current dad in theirs Instagram Stories and promise to provide more info shortly. But one thing they did reveal: “He is the most beautiful thing we have ever seen” , enthused the young parents and delighted with a first look at Milan’s cute little hands. Even if the two have separated only a few weeks before the birth of their offspring: Jenefer and Matze both still want to be there for their baby! And there are even Hope for a love comeback : After all, the two held just recently on a post hand. That looks like perfect love happiness … Instagram / jenefer_riili Jenefer Riili, Matthias Höhn and her baby Milan after the birth display Instagram / jenefer_riili Matthias Höhn and Jenefer Riili display Instagram / matthiashnofficial_; Instagram / jenefer_riili Jenefer Riili and Matthias Höhn display Vote show result Tips for Promiflash? Just e-mail to: tipps@promiflash.de

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