help for young people, back to school … What to remember from Philippe’s announcements

It is the second brick of a building that will take a long time to build. After presenting the executive’s strategy for after May 11 at the National Assembly last week, Édouard Philippe renewed the exercise before the Senate on Monday afternoon. In the gallery, the Prime Minister confirmed most of the broad outlines of the decontainment plan he had already announced … But he also made some crucial adjustments, to respond to the criticisms and concerns expressed over the past few years. days in the territory.

We are at a critical time“, Hammered the head of government on numerous occasions, while the coronavirus epidemic has caused the death of 24,895 people in France since March 1, and that 3819 patients are currently in intensive care. “We cannot stay confined“, He added, believing that this drastic measure”was justified by the urgency“, But alerting to its consequences”colossal” : a “human cost“, a “social cost” and one “economic cost

LIVE – Deconfinement: follow the latest information on the coronavirus epidemic

● School calendar maintained to avoid the “disaster” of dropping out

Nursery and primary schools will open well on May 11. To justify this choice – which worries many mayors -, Édouard Philippe alerted on “the time bomb“What would represent”five months of school dropouts for thousands of young people” : it would be “a disaster for the most vulnerable of children and adolescents” “Confinement poses many time bombs of all kinds, social, economic, geopolitical. It seems to me that this is not the least dangerous“, He summed up.

● Obligatory mask for middle school students if the distance cannot be respected

While he had committed, last week, that masks would be provided to college students who would not have succeeded in obtaining them, Édouard Philippe had not specified the compulsory nature of this equipment. It is now done, since “the mask will be mandatory when the rules of social distancing may not be respectedIn colleges – which will reopen well from May 18.

● Legal protection of mayors: “mitigate liability, no”

Clarify the law“, this is “Yes” But “mitigate liability, noReplied the Prime Minister to the mayors, wishing to better protect themselves from the decisions of the state during the deconfinement. Since last week, very many local elected officials fear that their legal responsibility will be engaged in the event of contamination, in particular following the reopening of schools. “The question is valid“Admitted Edouard Philippe, but it must be”tackle“With”cautionAnd without excluding private and other public decision-makers from the reflection, he insisted.

● Aid of 200 euros to 800,000 “modest and precarious” young people under 25

The Prime Minister announced a new aid of 200 euros intended for 800,000 students “modest and precarious” “Due to containment, university restaurants have closed“, He explained. “Many young people have lost the jobs they need to feed themselves and pay their rents. Some found themselves in a situation that I know is dramatic” This aid will be paid at the beginning of June to students who receive LPAs and who have lost their job or their internship, andisolated overseas students who were unable to return home

● “There have never been any hidden stocks” of masks in mass retail

Faced with the controversy born this weekend, the Prime Minister said that “there has never been a hidden inventory” of masks in large retailers. “There have been massive orders, and it takes a while before they materialize into millions of masks available to all of our fellow citizens.“, He developed, estimating that there would have been no”interest” at “hide stocks“Rather than”sell them in times of scarcity” “What matters for the moment is that, on May 11, everyone can get masks in the shops located near their home.“, He concluded.

● Masks: aid for the “most vulnerable”, reimbursement to local authorities

In order to deploy its “masks for all” strategy, the executive promises to help “the most vulnerable»: He will reserve for them, each week, an envelope of 5 million masks for the general public, which will be distributed via the communal social action centers (CCAS) and associations. Local authorities will also be supported: future orders for masks for the general public will be funded at 50% by the State, and those placed since April 13 will be covered by “part“And”retroactivelySaid the Prime Minister.

● Support for businesses extended and reinforced

Édouard Philippe announced that the support measures for companies in difficulty would be extended. The partial activity plan will remain in force until June 1 and will then be “gradually adapted according to the evolution of the epidemic” The solidarity fund will be extended “until the end of May“And will even be”strengthened for all VSEs which have been subject to administrative closure measures” The second floor of this fund, which gives the right to a subsidy of up to 5,000 euros, will now be accessible to all businesses that have been closed, “including if they have no employees, which is often the case for a hairdresser, a florist or a bookseller

Finally, the deferral of tax and social charges “will remain authorized until the end of May” The Prime Minister also said to himself “ready to convert these deferrals into final exemption from charges, not only for companies in the catering and tourism sector, but also for all VSEs which have been subject to closure measures

● “Economic life must resume imperatively and quickly”

Speaking of short-time working, deferral of charges or state guaranteed loans, the Prime Minister welcomed a “arsenal of some of the most powerful measures in the world to support our economy” But he quickly clarified that these “considerable efforts for our public finances” born “can’t last” “The flagships of our industry are threatened“, He warned.

SMEs, start-ups are on the verge of suffocation. All that contributes to the influence of France, tourism, the arts, gastronomy, is stopped. Keeping our country in containment would destroy our economic engine, suffocate our agricultural lungs, condemn our attractiveness“, He continued. That is why “economic life must resume imperatively and quickly

● Cults could finally resume as early as May 29

If the health situation does not deteriorate in the first weeks of deconfinement, the “ready to study possibility of church services resuming from May 29“, Assured Edouard Philippe. Initially, the executive had yet set the date of June 2, as recalled by Christophe Castaner Sunday. But “many cults have made proposals, to reconcile the course of their meetings with the requirements of physical distanceAnd thus speed up the calendar. Despite this concession, the Prime Minister nonetheless recalled that religious ceremonies are “a form of brewing deeply pleasing in normal times, but infinitely perilous in times of health crisis

● Installation of elected municipal councils: opinion requested from the Scientific Council

Will the candidates elected in the first round soon be able to sit? The question arises in the 30,000 municipalities (out of 35,000) which designated their full municipal council as of March 15, without it being able to meet for health reasons. To make a decision, the government sought the advice of the Scientific Council on Monday. “On the basis of its opinion, I will report to Parliament as soon as possible“Said the Prime Minister, while Christophe Castaner spoke on Sunday of the”late May, early June

For the municipalities concerned by a second round, another report, based on an opinion from the Scientific Council, will be submitted to Parliament “no later than May 23Said the Prime Minister. Objective: to know if the second ballot can be held in June, or whether the two rounds will have to be reorganized after the summer.

● Deconfinement is “postponed” in Mayotte where the virus is “actively” circulating

The deconfinement is “postponed“In Mayotte, where the virus is circulating”actively“Announced Edouard Philippe. Goal : “avoid saturation of a hospital system already in great demand by the dengue epidemic” This exceptional measure was supported by the president of the Regional Health Agency (ARS) of Mayotte and ex-candidate of the Greens for the presidential, Dominique Voynet. The Indian Ocean archipelago, the poorest department in France, had, on Sunday, 650 confirmed patients and 6 deaths from the Covid-19.

● Maintenance of overseas entry bans “beyond May 11”

The Prime Minister affirmed that the bans on arrival in the overseas territories would be maintained “beyond May 11” “Only people with compelling family or professional reasons or a health obligation will be able to (go)“And they”will remain subject to the obligation of fourteen“, He specified. A progress point will be made “early June“On these measures deemed”very restrictive

● Business cards and guides available for companies on May 11

The head of government specified that in view of the resumption of economic activity, the professional federations and the Ministry of Labor had carried out “guides and job descriptions to support the necessary reorganizations within companies” These sheets and guides will be available “for all sectorsOn May 11. “The social partners play a valuable role in ensuring that these work reorganization plans respect barrier gestures as best as possibleAdded Edouard Philippe again.


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