Help, my driver’s license is expiring: this is what you need to know now for the exchange

The Federal Council made the decision a few years ago, and now the time has come: the “staggered mandatory exchange” of driver’s licenses has begun, the first exchange period expires this Wednesday. What to do? Answers to the most important questions about exchanging the old driver’s license for the new EU credit card format. When does the exchange period expire? For those born between 1953 and 1958, hurry is required: the deadline ends this Wednesday, January 19th. The conference of transport ministers has decided that there will be no fines until July 19, 2022.

All foreigners are allowed to drive in Bulgaria with a non-EU driving license or with (provided that it has a legalized/notarized translation) for up to 1 year since the date of issuing of their residence permit. Then the non-EU license needs to be replaced by a Bulgaria international driver’s license.