Help us to solve the deportation of people to Russia, Zelenskyi urges the world

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“It’s about adults, it’s about children. A mechanism needs to be created for the return of these people and for those responsible for these deportations to be held accountable. I am sure that the UN institutions can play a vital role in this matter,” said the Ukrainian president.

Zelensky describes Moscow’s policy of granting Russian citizenship to Ukrainian refugees as genocide. Ukrainian Foreign Minister Dmytro Kuleba talks about “state-organized child abductions.”

According to a Ukrainian official portal called Children of War, 459 children have been killed and 916 injured since the start of the Russian invasion 11 months ago. 14,711 children were deported, 126 of them returned to Ukraine.

Ukrainian human rights defenders say that the deportations may have affected hundreds of thousands of Ukrainian citizens. The US State Department reports that this number ranges between 900,000 and 1.6 million people, including 260,000 children.

The server of the Ukrainska Pravda newspaper described the latest case of deportations, which concerns Nechayev, a place located near the city of Oleshki in the Kherson region. According to the server, the Russians were to forcibly evict the residents from their homes and deport them to the south of Russia. The army was moved into the vacated houses and apartments.

Since the deportees were left with no means in their new environment, they were forced to obtain Russian passports for payments of 10,000 rubles, Ukrainska Pravda writes.

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