Helse Midt-Norge further postpones introduction of the Health Platform – NRK Trøndelag

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This applies to the hospitals in Helse Nord-Trøndelag and Helse Møre og Romsdal.

The estimated date for Levanger and Namsos Hospitals is 4 November, while the hospitals in Møre and Romsdal must wait until April 2024.

Helse Midt-Norway does not know the costs of this.

– We have received some estimates from the Health Platform on what it might cost. It is quite true that we are very uncertain. After all, we postponed the introduction in the previous board at the beginning of January. Today we have looked at which dates can be realistic, says chairman of Helse Midt-Norge, Odd Inge Mjøen.

Board meeting Helse Midt-Norge on Thursday.

Photo: Kari Sørbø / no

Today’s postponement comes after a long period of things that have gone wrong in the wake of the introduction of the new record system Helseplattformen.

Especially at St. Olav’s hospital.

Assumes error correction at St. Olavs

– A prerequisite for introducing the Helseplattformen record system in the hospitals is that St Olav’s hospital gets the solution corrected and optimized by the middle of May this year, says Mjøen.

Helse Midt-Norge has requested the costs of postponing the Helseplattformen.

It has previously been estimated that the additional costs of deployment could amount to NOK 836 million.

But these are very uncertain numbers. Among other things, St. Olav’s does not know today how big the income from the State for treating the patients will be.

This is also due to the introduction of the Health Platform because it has been difficult to register all treatments.

– There are costs associated with such a release, of course, and it is those that we have asked if we can get a more detailed specification of, says Mjøen.

Mid-Norway health board meeting

Chairman of Helse Midt-Norge, Odd Inge Mjøen, says they have inquired about the costs of delaying the introduction.

Photo: Tariq Alisubh / NRK

They have received estimates from the Health Platform.

– We don’t think that is good enough on the board and are therefore asking for a new case for the next board meeting on 16 February, says Mjøen.

Pleased with the decision

– I am very happy that we received a postponement decision so that we can now direct all available resources towards St. Olavs to correct errors and improve the solution, says employee representative on the board, doctor Lindy Jarosh-by Swede.

– What will such a postponement mean?

– It is good news for the hospital that they now have time to correct mistakes and improve the solution. We are completely dependent on that, because as the situation is now, it is not perceived as very satisfactory, says Jarosh-von Schweder.

She points out that people who work at St. Olav’s hospital are not happy with the new health platform.

– The employees are tired, frustrated and despairing that they do not have a solution that works as intended, says Jarosh-von Schweder.

Lindy Jarosh-by Swede, lege

Employee representative on the board, doctor Lindy Jarosh-von Schweder.

Photo: Kari Sørbø / no

Recognizes the challenges

The hospitals in Nord-Trøndelag were actually supposed to use the medical record system in February.

Subsequently, the hospitals in Møre and Romsdal were to join in April.

The board recognizes that the difficult situation at St. Olav’s hospital in Trondheim is stressful for the employees.

Here, they have had significant challenges after the introduction of the Health Platform in November.

Therefore, all resources must be put into correcting the mistakes there, before the record system can be introduced in other hospitals, the board believes.

– There are a number of challenges, bigger challenges than expected during the introduction, Mjøen told NRK earlier in January.

Grethe Aasved, hospital director at St. Olav, has been concerned about patient safety and therefore sent a notice to the State Administrator.

The plan was for St. Olav’s hospital to be back in full operation four weeks after the introduction.

It costs St. Olav NOK ​​25 million a week not to be up to full activity.

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