Helvijs Stengrevics makes a song with Ziedonis’ poetry, at the microphone – daughter Agnese

Well-known composer Helvijs Stengrevics has released a new song “Nojausma” with poetry by Imants Ziedonis after a long break.

The song “Nojausma” meets two generations – the young singer Agnesse (real name Agnese Stengrevics), whose listeners have become acquainted with the successful single “Saku tev atā!” This time the source of inspiration for the song was the poem of Imants Ziedonis, which is the basis of the song “Nojausma”. A romantic ballad in which every word sounds subtly like a pearl and gradually forms a sense of reality. It is strengthened by Agnese’s beautiful voice and video in black and white aesthetics.

Having been doing business on a daily basis for a long time, I, as a creative person, also have a desire to create something new. This time does not particularly promote any creative expressions, especially looking for lyrics for inspiration for new songs in Latvian, but one evening, walking through my mother’s constantly updated collection of poems by Latvian poets, I distinguished Imants Ziedonis’ collection of poems “Caurvējš”. This 1975 edition is legendary, includes popular songs by Raimonds Pauls as “Song of Joy”; “Latvian sailors” and others. There was also a poem for me, sad – “Intuition”, I invented the name of the song myself, or “Through the evening chair”, which is the first line of the poem, because Imants Ziedonis did not give the name to this poem, “says Helvijs Stengrevics. He has successfully collaborated with Agnese before, recording songs in English.

You can philosophize for a long time what is said with each line of Ziedonis’ poem. When discussing with others, everyone finds a completely different meaning and idea in them. In time, my association also came and I can say that I sing this song with personal experience and my whole heart. I hope listeners will enjoy it. I would like to thank Helvi for the song and video team, which made it possible to feel it even more strongly in video format, ”says the young singer.