Henan teenager Xiao Chenming won the bronze medal at the 2022 Asian Taekwondo Championships – Xinhua

Source: Henan Daily
Time: 2022-06-29 16:17:11

The reporter learned from the Henan Heavy Competitive Aviation Sports Center that in the 2022 Asian Taekwondo Championships that kicked off in Chuncheon, South Korea on June 24, Henan teenager Xiao Chenming won a bronze medal for the Chinese team.

The Taekwondo Asian Championships will last for 4 days, with a total of 16 levels, and each country or region is limited to 6 men and women. The contestants included Tokyo Olympic champions Baniba Umbadanaji and Yurubek Rashtov, world champion Bae Junsu, Grand Prix champions Mirhashem Joseni and Saleh Ai. Asian taekwondo masters such as Ersha Bati. The Chinese team sent a total of 12 athletes, including Xiao Chenming, to participate.

On the first match day, the Chinese team sent three players, Luo Zongshi, Xiao Chenming, and Wang Xiaolu. Luo Zongshi, who is in good shape recently, won the gold medal in the women’s under 57kg category. Xiao Chenming and Wang Xiaolu, who participated in the Asian Championships for the first time, also performed well, winning bronze medals in the men’s under 68kg and women’s under 53kg category respectively.

Xiao Chenming, who was born in April 1999, entered the provincial team in 2015, and began to emerge in the domestic and foreign competitions in 2016. He has successively won the third place in the men’s 58kg class in the 2016 National Taekwondo Classic; the first place in the men’s 58kg class in the 2018 National Taekwondo Championship Finals; the third place in the 2018 Taekwondo World Cup team; and the 2021 National Taekwondo Elite Men’s 58 First place in the kg class.

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At the beginning of the Paris Olympics cycle, Xiao Chenming set a goal for himself in 2022: “Come when you are called, you can fight, and you can win.” “In the new cycle, I will definitely work harder to complete the training and competition tasks and achieve better results. “Xiao Chenming said.

On May 30, the Chinese Taekwondo Association organized a training camp for the second national Taekwondo team in preparation for the Paris Olympics in 2022, and Xiao Chenming was among them. This time, he won the bronze medal in the Asian Championships with his outstanding performance.

There has been a lot of good news in Henan Taekwondo recently. In the 2022 National Taekwondo Youth Elite Training Camp Exchange Selection Competition, which ended in Weifang, Shandong on June 18, Henan players dared to fight and played well. Sun Jiahui and Li Jiafeng won the first place in the women’s +68kg class and women’s 46kg respectively. The second place in the class was selected for the national youth team training list.

(Reporter Huang Hui)

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