Heng Leasing and Capital PCL. x Kasikorn Bank joins as partners to drive business

Heng Leasing and Capital Plc. x Kasikorn Bank joins as a partner to drive business forward to expand customer base through branch network After acquiring 10% stake, ready to trade in the market on October 19, stepping into one of the leading comprehensive credit services in Thailand.

‘Heng Leasing and Capital Public Company Limited’ or HENG, a major credit service provider in the North under the brand ‘Heng Leasing’, revealed that KASIKORNBANK Acquisition of existing ordinary shares from the shareholders of Thawee Heng Group and Patanasin Group, totaling 381 million shares, representing 10%, through the Big-Lot Board on the first trading day, October 19, becoming the major shareholder. 2nd place to become a Strategic Partner or Strategic Partner Join the path to grow the business, provide credit services to meet the needs of customers in each locality. Move forward to strengthen the competitiveness through the expansion of branches to 830 branches and invest in the development of IT software systems to receive plans to expand the customer base. Hopes to drive loan portfolio growth of 14.8 billion baht by 2023, driving stable and sustainable growth To become the leader in providing comprehensive credit services in Thailand

Mr. Wichai Suphasatikul, co-founder and president of Heng Leasing and Capital Public Company Limited or HENG, a major credit service provider in the northern region under the brand ‘Heng Leasing’ revealed that with the potential of HENG’s business operations and more than 20 years of credit service business expertise, as well as outstanding business strategy plans, will make the company keep moving forward After being listed on the Stock Exchange of Thailand, HENG will use its financial strength to support the expansion of its credit portfolio as planned. to gain confidence from KASIKORNBANK became a Strategic Partner to drive microfinance services to better meet the needs of customers in each locality.

Kasikorn Bank Offered to purchase the existing ordinary shares of HENG from the shareholders of Taweeheng and Pattanasin groups. through trading on the Big-Lot Board of 381,000,000 shares or 10 percent of the Company’s total paid-up shares At the same price as the IPO at 1.95 baht per share as of the date that HENG put the securities in the Stock Exchange of Thailand for the first day on October 19

which makes Kasikorn Bank is one of the major shareholders However, the Kasikorn Bank Becoming one of the major shareholders of HENG reflects the confidence in the company’s operational potential. And such cooperation will strengthen the company. to expand the customer base product development And new information technology platforms to meet all the needs of customers, which the company believes that such cooperation will benefit shareholders, investors and create long-term growth.

In addition, the shareholders of Taweeheng Group will sell 186,210,000 existing ordinary shares, representing 4.9% of the Company’s total issued shares. to 9 large investors to jointly invest with the Company through the Big-Lot Board at the same price as the IPO of 1.95 baht on the day HENG listed securities in the Stock Exchange of Thailand for the first day. too with an agreement not to sell shares for a period of 1 year

Mrs. Suthanthip Phisitphanthoon Chief Executive Officer of HENG said that the company aims to become the leader in integrated credit services in Thailand to create stable and sustainable growth. It brings together the strengths of experience, expertise, management team and employees who understand the behavior of capital needs. To offer suitable credit products and meet the needs of customers Along with having a branch network of more than 5,100 used car tent operators and brokers, it is another important force that is a channel to present products and pass customers to HENG’s branches in each area. and create an opportunity to offer more types of credit products to customers

In addition, HENG also has an investment plan to enhance its competitiveness, with an aim by 2023 to increase to 830 branches, focusing on expanding in the Northeastern, Eastern and Central regions to support the personal loan portfolio expansion plan under Supervision with car registration as insurance and nano finance To push the total loan portfolio to 14.8 billion baht from the current total portfolio of 8,420 million baht.

Mr. Pongsak Phruekpaisan, Managing Director Kasikorn Securities Public Company Limited, as a financial advisor and underwriter and underwriter, said that HENG Leasing and Capital Pcl. HENG is a leading credit service provider in the northern region. with plans to increase service areas through branch expansion to offer credit products that meet all customer needs Including plans to invest in technology to increase competitiveness and increase efficiency and help to control and manage the quality of debtors well This will benefit HENG’s growth in the long run. HENG is scheduled to enter the first trading day on the Stock Exchange of Thailand on Tuesday, October 19, 2021.