Hengchi “real car” appeared on the street, the factory pointed out that the target was launched early next year-Hong Kong unwire.hk

China Evergrande Group is in a debt crisis. Its Evergrande New Energy Vehicle has been criticized by Chinese state media as “cars made on paper.” Recently, some netizens in Guangzhou saw Hengchi cars appearing on the streets. Hengda Automobile recently held a strategic partnership meeting at its Tianjin production base, revealing that it will start production of the first Hengchi series “Hengchi 5” at the Tianjin plant early next year with a “three-month attack”. But today there is news that the renovation project of the production line of Evergrande Automobile’s Tianjin factory has basically stalled not long ago due to the payment owed to the equipment supplier.

As early as September, it was reported that someone had already tested the “Hengchi 5”, claiming to have ran 15,000 kilometers, charged for five minutes, and had a battery life of two hours. The photo showed that there was no license plate on the car, and it was suspected to be a fake picture. In the face of being criticized as a “car made on paper”, the “Hengchi 5” real car was offered for testing at this strategic cooperation conference. There were two “Hengchi 5” on the same field. “Walking on the road for the first time.

Evergrande New Energy Automobile held a strategic partnership meeting at its Tianjin production base. In addition to local officials, representatives from partner companies such as Bosch, Antolin, Hitachi and others attended the meeting. Some Chinese media quoted Evergrande President Liu Yongzhuo’s car-making progress at the meeting, saying that the company has started a three-month battle to ensure that the first car of Hengchi 5 will be “off the assembly line” at the Tianjin plant early next year (Editor’s note) : The production and assembly of real cars have been completed and officially launched on the market). Liu Geng said that in order to ensure the expected production of vehicles, the company has convened core R&D teams and technical elites from Shanghai, Guangzhou, Shenzhen and other places to provide support.

Source: Sina Weibo

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