Henny Huisman omits gossip about celebrities in theater show | NOW

Henny Huisman stays in his theater show The back of my tongue away from gossip, or juice, about famous Dutch people. The former presenter will mainly talk in detail about his own experiences in the entertainment industry, he says in conversation with the ANP.

“In an hour and a half I tell what has happened to me. I have seen the most retarded and craziest things,” says Huisman, who is now 71 years old.

“I’m hardly going to talk about Dutch artists. Not about the Marco Borsato’s or anything like that. That’s not my intention. I do have stories about big names like Whitney Houston or Michael Jackson. Some were very nice, but some were also very strange, with all sorts of idiotic demands.”

Comedian Silvester Zwaneveld approached Huisman for the show after reading the presenter’s biography. Huisman also told extensively about his life in it. He says he has doubts about the show. “I thought: do I have to do that? Then I have to go everywhere. Where do we start?”

Huisman speaks of ‘leap into the deep’

Zwaneveld is said to have dispelled his doubts in long conversations, with the result that Huisman will visit numerous smaller theaters this autumn. These are the first theatrical performances by the former presenter, who considers it “a leap of faith”.

Visitors get the chance to put it to the test for themselves. “It’s a bit like coming to visit me. I just haven’t brought any filled cakes with me yet,” Huisman laughs.

With the tour, Huisman starts a new adventure in his old age. “A lot of people take it easy at my age, but I don’t like that.” He would only have canceled the show if his wife was against it. “But Lia actually said right away: ‘If you like that.’ I’m not a man to sit at home either.”

Huisman does not dare to say whether the theater show is the very last chapter of his career. “I don’t know. I have this kind of weird image that I’m chasing everything, but it always comes to me one way or another,” he concludes.