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Henry Cavill will have held meetings with Marvel Studios in London

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Any movement that happens in the offices of Marvel Studios it sets off alarms, and that’s just what just happened. It seems that the actor Henry Cavill, who we have recently seen re-embody Superman in The Justice League Zack Snyder, would have held alleged meetings with the House of Ideas for an upcoming role. Rumor has it that he could play Brian Braddock / Captain Britain. For the moment, and as we always say, we must take this information with tweezers until the relevant confirmations are produced.

Cavill in the Marvel Cinematic Universe?

The information comes from the British medium Small Screen, where they point out that Henry Cavill was at the Disney offices in London a few weeks ago, with the aim of supposedly meeting with representatives of Marvel in person. In turn, they note the following: “We received this information in May but we chose not to publish it until we could verify the source.” We assume that they have managed to verify it, because here we are.

In this sense, the media adds: “What they told me was that Cavill and his team members they were meeting with people from Marvel Studios so they could talk face to face. “Apparently the actor, who also plays Geralt of Rivia in the series The Witcher from Netflix, I was very interested in meet in person with Marvel Studios staff. The meeting seems to have taken place following the safety regulations for COVID-19: everyone will have covered their faces with masks and kept the recommended social distancing.

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Feige wants Cavill to be Captain Britain

This information comes after there was another round of rumors that Kevin Feige, the boss of Marvel Studios, was interested in what Henry Cavill performs for Captain Britania in future UCM projects. The main problem? Cavill’s busy schedule. We don’t know whether to continue as Superman in the DCEU (the actor has expressed that he wants to remain the boy scout of DC for many years), but I know that he has a long way to go as Geralt of Rivia if they want to adapt the seven novels that make up the saga The Witcher; and, aside, it seems that he was also involved in a project related to Mass Effect

It only remains to see how these conversations progress (if they really took place) and wait for Marvel or Cavill himself to confirm or deny these facts.

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