Henry said he wouldn’t go to Messi in the PSG

Thierry Henry, the French world champion in Europe, analyzed Lionel Messi’s prize situation for Prime Video Ligue 1. According to Arsenal and FC Barcelona’s former legendary footballer, the six-time golden ball will be played in isolation at Paris Saint-Germain for the time being.

The 34 kid tmad turned chrome in the Champions League in a chrome match, but in the French league, he never scored in any of the matches, and the game is not as glittering as it was in Barcelona.

Henry watches the BL match against Leipzig with Olympic champion Teddy RinerForrs: AFP/Franck Fife

Thierry Henry, who played football with Messi in the past, says it’s because Kylian Mbapp is the team’s biggest striker in Paris Saint-Germain so far.

Isolated, less to the ball. I’m not saying she’s sad, but she’s isolated. I’m playing on the right side. Leval is in trouble. I prefer to play in the middle because I could give the game a rhythm there.Something needs to be figured out so that Messi, Mbapp and Neymar can play together, “says RMC Sport Henry, who is convinced that Messi can’t influence the game if he plays football on the right.

For the time being, Messi’s form lags behind that of BarcelonaForrs: AFP/Christophe Simon

“Messi doesn’t talk much, he talks to the ball. This is Kylian Mbapp’s team for now. he who does all this brilliantly and earns the most with the ball. At a certain point, you only have to be a conductor, you can’t play at the same pace, but there are a lot of conductors on this team now, “said the world champion Eura, who played football together in 2007 and 2010. With a fair in Barcelona.