Her buttocks itch? It may be a streptococcal anitis


An itchy, itchy redness in the baby boy may be a sign of streptococcal anitis. Quite common at 5 or 6 years of age, this mild local infection still requires adequate treatment based on the administration of antibiotics.

Your little boy squirms in his chair, scratching his buttocks? He may have streptococcal anitis. This infection is one of the common causes of redness in the anus. "It's partly the anatomical difference between the two sexes that favors these germs at the anal level in boys"explains Dr. Arnault Pfersdorff, pediatrician in Strasbourg and author of Baby, the first manual. "In young girls, streptococcal germs more often cause vulvitis. "

Another factor: hygiene. "At this age, children do not yet know how to wipe themselves well and too often do not wash their hands after", describes the pediatrician. "And boys are often late from this point of view. " In the bath or shower, "They do not wash properly, with soap," He continues. And if there is a tendency to constipation, the risk of infection by these germs naturally present in the digestive tract is increased.

An often late diagnosis

Once the streptococcal infection is well established, the diagnosis is simple, according to Dr. Pfersdorff. "The anus is very red, flamboyant, on a margin of several centimeters." describes it. Despite this, identification of the anite is often late. "Or because parents mistakenly think it's a simple irritation, because of diarrhea or constipation," He explains. "Either the doctor himself confuses with a mycosis or localized eczema. " But in this case, the indicated treatment with corticosteroids may flare up the infection.

Therefore, "If in doubt, it is recommended to perform an anal smear. The sample can be analyzed by a laboratory or directly using a rapid test ", explains Arnault Pfersdorff. If streptococcal anitis is confirmed, the treatment consists of the administration of antibiotics, both general and non-local.


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