“Her children saw the whole scene”

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Giuseppe, 58, managed to escape from special police units in Wasmes on the night of Monday to Tuesday. Recall that he shot the brother of his neighbor, Khalid, this Monday evening. Nabil, father of three and 36, was hit in the nose. “I saw my brother’s face full of blood. A police officer noticed a 22mm socket on the ground. The bullet passed through his skull. She lodged in the back of the head, “said her younger brother, Khalid.

The suspect was finally arrested in a house on the Domaine de la Roseraie in Quaregnon. Special units of the federal police stormed this Tuesday around 5 p.m. He did not oppose any resistance during his arrest. On Wednesday, he was placed under arrest warrant. He is prosecuted for attempted murder.

“My brother’s children saw the whole scene”: Khalid says more about what happened.

A neighborhood dispute had broken out years ago between Khalid and the perpetrator.



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