her complaint was dismissed, “she locked herself in an imaginary world”

Evlyn, a 23-year-old mentally retarded woman, was raped while walking alone in Liège in 2018. That day, Evlyn never came home.

The next day, the mother found her daughter at the police station where she was told that Evlyn had been found alone in Place Saint-Lambert: “They told me that they had questioned her and that he didn’t know. Nothing had happened, ”she tells 7sur7. But on returning home, Mauritte realizes that her daughter is not well and decides to take her to the doctor who has noticed blows on her arms and knees. He tells her that she was drugged.

File closed without follow-up

Mauricette went with her daughter to the Bruyères hospital two days later to perform a blood test, but the results were negative: “There were already no traces of drugs left. It was therefore difficult to prove, ”she explains to our colleagues. DNA samples were taken from the clothing of Evlyn, who also received treatment for AIDS and other venereal diseases.

Two years after the events, Evlyn discovers that her complaint was dismissed only a few weeks after the rape, and she was not notified! According to the justice, the evidence was insufficient to confirm the rape and identify the attackers.

“She locked herself in an imaginary world”

Last May, Mauricette explained to RTL-Info that following this tragedy, her daughter had “locked up in an imaginary world” and had “regressed” in her mental retardation: “She talks to cartoon characters. She didn’t have that before the assault. The young woman, traumatized, had to be hospitalized for many months in a psychiatric clinic.

Today, the family has moved to Ougrée and hopes to return to a “normal” life, but the feeling of injustice remains strong. That’s why Mauricette is looking for a lawyer who can reopen the case before the DNA evidence taken from her daughter’s clothes expires next October.