Herault : five steps to creating his own company

Herault : five steps to creating his own company


Corum houses, Friday, December 8, The Up creative, which succeeds the traditional Forum of business creation. The opportunity to recall some evidence when we want to embark on the adventure of entrepreneurship. With the guidance of Delphine Vigneau, head of the mission creation and resumption of business at the Chamber of commerce and industry of the Hérault.

1. Know your project

This is the first step : correctly identify his purpose. “We are very often faced with two categories of project holders, ” observes Delphine Vigneau. First, there are those who have an idea well built. The cap is easy to cross. They lack only a need of refocusing.”

They also need to be informed on the existing measures to optimize the financing capacities and awareness of the necessary formalities for all creation. And then, there are those who are “entrepreneurs by default. Job seekers, more often, to that up a society is a hope of rebound, the opportunity to rebuild,” says the head of the consular.

These applicants are “in need of support, including in the actual passage of the necessary to undertake. We have here a role of coaching. Including the understanding of the person that enterprise creation is not the solution because it does not have the profile.” This is “not easy to say but we must say it.”

2. At what time to act ?

When to turn to the ICC ? “People come to see us when the question arises of how to register.” Or when it is necessary to choose the legal status : micro-enterprise ? Llc ? Sas ? “Paradoxically, for us, this is not the first question that we should ask, it happens rather at the end”. The priority ? “Wonder if she has done the market survey, if one has chosen the location, if one has the financial support necessary in order to have access to a bank, in particular,” says Delphine Vigneau.

It is from this stage that the aspirant entrepreneur can access to workshops set up by the CCI. “For those who are a little lost, we propose a session “Ready to go”. It is a focus on enterprise creation in France, the key factors of success and failure. This allows you to acquire a methodology.” This internship can be followed by an individual interview with a counselor, “an appointment to make the point by focusing on the profile of the creator”.

3. The two formations headlights

The project owner can move towards two main formations. The first : “Five days to undertake.” “This allows him to acquire an first bag important. All the critical points have been overcome. Then he will have everything in hand to carry out his plan.” This training costs 160 €.

Other possibility, a longer training (25 days, 175 (h) and mostly free (funded by the Region and the ESF). Dubbed “Créa’Boost”, it allows you to “get really into the details of all the key points with practical case studies”. At the end of this training, “the future creator of its business plan finalized ; it passes in front of a jury composed of experts who will give a reasoned opinion on its draft”. It is a kind of “crash-test benevolent”.

4. Preparatory work

begin, therefore, requires a lot of work to upstream. “Unfortunately, many do not take the actual time to organize this preparatory work,” says Delphine Vigneau. This approach is, of course, imperative. “According to the profile of the creator, it takes between three and six months to complete this step.”

5. The accompaniment to the formalities

It is, in any way, the last step. “This is the interview with an advisor of the Centre for business formalities, which takes place within the TCC. He will be helped to complete all the necessary forms,” concludes Delphine Vigneau.

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