Herbert Lewy: “The digital transformation is going to be much faster”

“Latin America and, in particular, Argentina, has the possibility of contributing to accelerating digital transformation and being an innovation hub for the world”, he claimed Herbert Lewy, General Manager of Intelligent Agriculture and Bioeconomy for Microsoft Latin America, who in dialogue with THE NATION held that, Although in recent years there have been important technological advances, these evolutions have occurred in parallel. Now you are, he said, in a “pivot moment” where they will begin to combine these advances in such a way that “The digital transformation is going to be much more accelerated.”

Strictly speaking, he explained that many of the innovations in this field had been happening in a combined way but in small groups. “For example, artificial intelligence (AI), whose explosion is the result that more and more data is available and interpreted; about what the algorithms become increasingly sophisticated and available in an open source manner, and that all this be conveyed by the Cloud Computing which is the cloud, which has a zero entry barrier and infinite scale in computing capacity”, he highlighted.

“There are beginning to be combinations of technological or digital uses and customs that, in turn, combined, will accelerate the transformation much more in the coming years,” he added.

“Such is the case of AI, which if combined with mixed reality, gives the possibility of having trained AI models, to bring a camera into the field and that it has its own intelligence,” he explained.

For Lewy, one of the keys for this digital transformation to take place is the “democratization of access to technology”. He highlighted: “For the first time in history we have the possibility of having the same technology, at the same time and at the same price everywhere on the planet. Until five or six years ago, talking about artificial intelligence was seen as something that happened in the movies and not as something real that today we have at our fingertips.”

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In this context, he said that the company recently launched the ADN initiative (Agtech Digital Neils) with what the company is looking for is the availability of free of charge, technology, coaching, support in marketing and sales actions, and accompaniment to all technology-based startups that work on solutions for the field from Argentina.

Herbert Lewy at the CREA Congress during the DNA presentationLucas HEAVY – Microsoft

Its essence, he explained, is to support startups that are digital natives and that are born with a new project or companies that already existed, but that decided to turn around and become an entity that leverages digital assets to build digital value.

“In In both cases, we provide those who qualify with technological components that are critical for them to assemble their solutions.but also availability, advice on, for example, marketing and sales, product construction, technological architectures so that they can accelerate their process of bringing value to the entire ecosystem”, he said.

“In the Argentine entrepreneur you see a strength, a creativity, a resilience that motivates us to continue investing and continue mobilizing ourselves”, he highlighted. “Today the field generates exponential growth of data that technology can make intelligent to improve any type of production process and, in this way, add greater efficiency to the value chain, exports and the domestic market,” the executive had indicated. during the DNA launch at the last CREA congress.

“We want to contribute to making the Argentine countryside a key player in the knowledge economy, and by democratizing the use of technology, making data smart in the countryside will allow more innovation for a more sustainable future,” he added.

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“The idea is to be able, on the Microsoft side, to be the platform that allows all players to connect in an ecosystem in a harmonious way so that they can achieve their goals,” he said.

For Lewy, the opportunity to bring technology to the agricultural sector is vast, but a key issue is making intelligent use of data. “The important thing is that the data generated in the agricultural environment be transformed into intelligent data. In other words, to go from cross-information with knowledge to real value so that the individual who is doing this management in the rural environment can make the best possible decisions”, said.

Along these lines, he maintained that, “when one combines three elements that are information, knowledge and eventually financing, the producer can be supported in an integral way to be able to improve his capacities to maximize the profitability of his agricultural activity, minimize risks, have less environmental impact, among others”.

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