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A year and a half ago, COVID arrived in Cartagena, and since February the immunization of the population with vaccination began. As of September 28, the city has received one million vaccines against the virus, of which 875,106 have been applied according to the District Administrative Department of Health (Dadis).

Although the doses of Moderna have already been finished for the general population, the nearly 2,000 doses found in the city were destined for the population with reduced mobility who is over 50 years old and / or has comorbidities. But with a million doses in the city, one of the main questions that can be asked is how far herd immunity remains if the doses that have reached the city so far are applied: 1,005,628.

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Herd immunity

The universal He spoke with Rubén Sabogal, president of the Mesa de la Salud por Bolívar, who explained a little about the scenario in Cartagena regarding the scope of herd immunity.

Sabogal explains how the scene is in the city, taking as a starting point the number of doses that have arrived from the vaccines and those that have already been applied. “The city has approximately 32% of people with double doses and 45% with people who have added only one dose. Thus, the average number of people with significant immunity from vaccines is close to 32%. If we add that there have been 125 thousand people who suffered from the virus, they will somehow develop a degree of immunity, this would be 12% of the population. If we add it all up, we would have 44% of the population with a degree of collective immunity and to this we add all those indirectly infected who have been exposed to the virus.

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“We believe that Cartagena is presenting about 66% immunity, in total: between active and passive immunity”

Rubén Sabogal, president of the Mesa de la Salud por Bolívar

It should be remembered that the Dadis would have said that for the city to achieve herd immunity, 80% of the population would have to be vaccinated with the complete scheme, due to the arrival of new variants of the virus. That is, 838,470 and the cut-off date of September 28, only 351,379 people have completed the vaccination schedule.

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This is how vaccination has been to date:

– First doses applied: 523,727
– Second doses applied: 305,148
– Single dose applied: 46,231

This September 28, the city received 71,650 doses of Janssen, which will soon be available at vaccination points.

And the fourth wave?

Sabogal also spoke about what awaits the city with the arrival of the fourth wave. “Ad portas of a fourth wave, I believe that the city is prepared to face it. Taking into account that two variants of the strain will probably come: the Delta variant and the Mu variant, but we believe that they will not have a high lethality or high consumption of hospital services, there will probably be a lot of symptoms but there will not be a significant advance in mortality ”, explained the specialist.

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In addition, he invited citizens to continue raising awareness about the relaxation that the population is having in the face of COVID. “People believe that the virus is gone but we must insist on self-care and continue with vaccination. We must not panic, we still do not have the fourth wave, we must prepare ourselves ”, concluded Sabogal.

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