Here are 4 important steps to avoid the headaches of the first days of Ramadan

Here are 4 important steps to avoid the headaches of the first days of Ramadan

Al-Maqtas Newspaper – Crisis Every year a large number of fasting brothers are exposed in the early days of the holy month of Ramadan, due to the changing dates of eating food and drinks, fasting for more than 10 hours per day, and this crisis is a painful headache for those fasting in the early days of Ramadan Blessed.

A study conducted years ago showed that the cause of headaches, especially on the first day of fasting, is due to several factors, including withdrawal of caffeine from the body, scarcity of sleep, hypoglycemia and drought.

According to a recent study, there are several procedures that should be followed to avoid painful headaches during the holy month of Ramadan. These procedures are as follows:

First, drinking plenty of water in Suhoor: Sufficient water and fluids should be drunk in the suhoor meal. Water is the main material in the structure of cells and is necessary for many chemical reactions within the body.

Second: Eliminate the stimuli gradually: The stimulants such as tea, coffee and all that contains caffeine should be gradually removed before the holy month, as it is diuretic, and will lose much of the fluid required by the body during fasting.

Third: Reduce the amount of food: Before the month of Ramadan should be gradually reduce the amounts of food intake, so as not to help the body on the first day of Ramadan to deprive him of food during the day, also advised to pay attention to the meal of Suhur, and not underestimated, because it is one of the main meals in a month Fasting, because eating foods that consume an attempt to digest them more time, in order to provide the body power for longer during the daytime.

IV – Taking enough sleep: Sleep is a major need for each of us, especially since many functions in the body are not done through it.

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