Here are 5 good reasons to eat apricots once a day

Eating apricots during their fruiting season means giving our body a high contribution of vitamins. But if we want to be more precise, there are exactly 5 reasons why apricots should be eaten every day. Apricots are a very nutritious fruit and contain trace elements that are important for the well-being of our body.

They are present in the summer season and in particular in the months of June and July. They are found in the supermarket in packs of about fifteen fruits and have a not too high price. They should be kept in the refrigerator as they tend to ripen quickly. Above all, they should not be placed close to other fruits so as not to accelerate their ripening.

This type of fruit is native to North Africa and the Middle East but has immediately taken root well in Europe as well. And in all Mediterranean countries. They have a sweet, enveloping and inviting taste. It is also very popular with children and being small in size it does not make a high contribution of sugars.

Like all fruit, of course, apricots should be consumed sparingly. If you have diabetes or high cholesterol problems, do not consume more than 2 apricots a day. But if you follow a balanced diet, apricots can be eaten every day without any problems.

5 reasons to eat apricots

Apricots are one of those fruits that don’t get the attention they deserve. They have a relatively low profile, do not enjoy the same reputation as other fruits such as strawberries and oranges, and are often overlooked in the supermarket. But there are many great reasons to add apricots to our diet, not least because they are packed with nutrients and healthful properties.

In short, there is a very specific reason why people of different cultures have been eating apricots for centuries now. This super food is packed with vitamins, minerals and other essential nutrients making it a great addition to your diet. Here are 5 reasons why you should add more apricots to your diet:

1. They have a high content of Vitamin C, which is very important for our health. Especially in summer this vitamin tends to evaporate quickly, due to sweat, and therefore we need a greater intake.

2. They are rich in fibers of the essential elements to regularize the intestinal tract and to prevent the formation of any gallstones due to limescale deposits.

3. They are rich in potassium, which is necessary to balance the sodium-potassium levels in the blood, and is also useful for fighting hypertension. Potassium is also found in vegetables and bananas.

4. They guarantee protection against earache as they have antibacterial and soothing properties on the oral and nasal mucosa. In summer, we usually travel by car with the windows open and this can cause annoying inflammation. Thanks to apricots we can ensure greater protection.

5. Apricots are rich in beta-carotene (like carrot), a substance that we need to take during the winter to counteract the intense cold but it is even more useful in the summer as it protects from the sun’s rays that can cause skin cancers (melanoma) . Finally, they promote tanning.