Here are the best herbal teas ever for those suffering from insomnia to be able to rest without the use of drugs

Certain periods of life can put a strain on our nerves, and accumulated stress can be a hindrance when you want to rest. In fact, whether it is problems at work, in the family, or simply a period in which everything goes wrong, it can happen to suffer from insomnia.

But how can problems be solved and difficulties overcome without sleeping peacefully and soundly?

Given the seriousness of this condition, there are several drugs that help you sleep. However, many people dislike taking these substances because they feel lightheaded and confused in the morning.

But help comes from nature: by continuing to read you will see which ingredients to choose for dream herbal teas.

Here are the best herbal teas ever for those suffering from insomnia to be able to rest without the use of drugs

Mother nature is an inexhaustible source of solutions for dealing with life’s problems. Whether it’s a headache, constipation, anxiety, water retention or insomnia, there is always something suitable.

In particular, there are some herbs that are perfect to help you sleep and these are the 5 most suitable:

a) chamomile: this is perhaps the herb best known for its relaxing and sedative properties, thanks to its effectiveness. However, chamomile tea is strongly discouraged for pregnant women;

b) mallow: the main function of this herb is anti-inflammatory, but it also allows you to relax and improve the quality of sleep. It is a perennial plant that grows easily, resistant and suitable for growing in pots;

c) lavender: this plant is able to induce sleep and relieve stress, but it also has incredible health benefits. In fact, a regular consumption of lavender allows to lower blood pressure, heart rate and respiratory rate;

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d) passionflower: this herb with beautiful flowers acts as a mild sedative on the nervous system and is perfect for calming anxiety and muscle tension, promoting sleep. Be careful not to take it together with lemon balm, because it could cause hypersomnia;

e) lemon balm: it is a perennial herb with a flavor reminiscent of lemon that allows you to relieve restlessness and anxiety.

Mistakes that promote insomnia

Herbal teas can certainly help to induce sleep, but some bad habits that make sleeping difficult must still be removed. Among these, we remember the abuse of alcohol, smoking and too much caffeine, all elements that make you hyperactive and agitated.

Furthermore, if it is stress that causes insomnia it would be advisable to reduce it, perhaps thanks to some oriental practices or with sport.

To conclude, insomnia can be more or less severe, and these solutions are fine for non-pathological situations. Here, then, is how to be able to rest without the use of drugs thanks to the best herbal teas ever for those suffering from insomnia.

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