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here are the last technical details

by archyw

We were able to have some additional technical details regarding Apple’s MagSafe battery. It can charge AirPods.

Source : Steven Russel

Last week, against all odds, Apple announced a MagSafe power bank. It can be stuck behind the iPhone 12 to charge it wirelessly. It also acts as a fast charger for iPhone. The last details concerning it come from the documents related to its certification, a few days before its official marketing.

She loads everything and that’s good news

When it was announced, we were missing some important details about this new product. It is not its capacity, only 11.13 Wh (1460 mAh), but rather its compatibility. Thanks to a document from the FCC (Federal Communications Commission), the office in charge of certifications in the US, we learn that wireless charging will not be so fast: only 5 Watts.

The battery therefore does not benefit from Apple’s fast wireless charging. Once plugged in, in charger mode, you can still enjoy a maximum power of 15 Watts. This only works with iPhone 12s, as this relatively fast wireless charging is tied to MagSafe technology.

We also learn that this small battery can also charge AirPods 2 and Pro wirelessly at 1 Watts. We did not yet have this information, it will reassure future buyers who still paid 109 euros for this battery.

One more thing to add. I have been asked if it wirelessly charges AirPods. Answer appears to be yes. pic.twitter.com/2WCcKSOlbI

— Steven Russell (@stevenrussell) July 19, 2021

In the meantime, a few photos have been posted by Steven Russel on Twitter. We learn nothing more about this external battery, however you have a better rendering of what it gives when connected with an iPhone equipped with a shell.

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