Here are the most beautiful pearls of the copies of the bac

Here are the most beautiful pearls of the copies of the tray

Like every year, the website lists the most beautiful pearls of the sessions of the tray. Here are the ones that have been gleaned during this session 2017 :

Free, stupid or rich?

“To free himself from his culture, he must first forget everything that we know. Thus we become stupid but free, and it may be more like it.”

“It is not necessary to be a rich man to be a free man. As has been said by a great philosopher, it is better to be a little sick than a lot dead.”

art, women and beauty

“A work of art is like a pretty girl, it is beautiful to look at but not touch.”

“But we are not fooled ! The beauty of a work is determined above all by its selling price. What is expensive is beautiful, and what is not cheap is not beautiful. All the rest is just trivia and futility.”

Macron, Fillon and other

“Macron has everything to be a good president : he is handsome, he is young, he’s smart and he dresses well to attract the voters and especially women voters.”

“I can take the example of the case of François Fillon to illustrate my demonstration. He had all the rights to have costumes for free, but this was not just in the eyes of the people and most of the people who can’t even go shopping and buy shoes for their children.”

“France has had three presidents of the Republic since 1946 : The General de Gaulle, Sarkozy and François Hollande.”

The government, it’s complicated

“The Prime minister represents the State, which is itself represented by the government of the president of the Republic and by the administration that allows you to create the laws.”

“For a communist, a socialist is in fact a marxist, as a socialist, a communist is in reality a trade unionist. So the truth is that marxism is very close to communism, and socialism is not as far away from unionism. These are concepts very similar, but that may possibly symbolize concepts into reality very distant from the point of view and the position of each.”

The art of flattery

“most civil servants are useless in France and are too expensive. Except maybe the high school teachers and college who are doing a really amazing job and who are not paid enough.”

Fans of the powder Macron

“I will not go so far as to say that justice is snake oil, but this remains a matter for debate.”

“The law, the freedom, is it not, in the end, that of the snake powder thrown in the eyes of the people to control it better ?”

Mise en abyme

“The hole in the safely is more and more big, to the point that the whole of France will soon fall in.”

Ellipse time

“Since 1946 many moments of joy have succeeded in the French politics, with the election of Sarkozy, for example, and that of Mitterrand 5 years before.”

Wealth and income, universal

“The richness of the soul not of magnitude as the amount of the bank account.”

“Benoît Hamon had a very good idea with the” universal income “, this would have enabled us to live without going to work. And this is the basis of happiness.”

You lose the reason

“Make it the reason it is falling back to earth. But the reason for this is mainly something that happens in our brain, so this is not necessarily on earth. So the issue is not evident, and this complicates the analysis.”

“This is not the reason that can make sense of it all, it’s just that in the end, nobody is right and everybody dies.”

These beads are genuine?

According to The World, the authors of the website, who publish this selection of bloopers and nonsense they find the last fourteen years in copies of candidates, trust those that send them.

“The copy-editors send us their beads and we pick them up, eliminating those that we seem to be less funny or displaced”, thus exposed to the administrator of the site, to the log.

But the case of contributions sent by e-mail, this selection is therefore based on the good faith of the “correctors”. Are they really ?

In any case, the copies of the candidates, once corrected, are rendered to the directors, and the academies make no official communication on what they contain.

results online 5 July

Each academy will publish the results on its website as of 10am on Wednesday, July 5. This will be the case in the academies of Aix-Marseille, Amiens, Besançon, Bordeaux, Corsica, Lille, Montpellier, Orléans/Tours, Paris, Toulouse, Strasbourg and Versailles.

They will be released at 9 a.m. in the schools of Clermont-Ferrand, Dijon, Rennes and Rouen.

– The other academies have not yet submitted a schedule.

– The results are already published in some territories ultramarins, as in French Polynesia. They will be published in Monday, July 3 at 9 a.m. Mayotte.

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