here are the news in the government decree

The Senate Finance and Industry Committees have finished examining the Ukraine bis law, also known as “price cuts”. With 178 votes in favor, 31 against and one abstention, the hall of Palazzo Madama today confirmed confidence in the maxi amendment to the decree. The provision, which must be converted into law by next May 20, is now being examined by the Chamber. Let’s see in detail what are the latest news of the text, starting with the bills.

What changes for unpaid bills from 1 January 2022

The payment in installments of electricity and natural gas bills for households who have not paid their bills since January 1st of this year extends from the end of April to the end of June. An amendment, in fact, extends a measure envisaged by the latest budget law by two months: suppliers must offer customers “an installment plan with a duration not exceeding ten months, which provides for the payment of individual installments on a regular basis and without application of interests against him, according to the procedures defined by Arera (the regulatory authority for energy, networks and the environment) “.

Among the amendments approved there is also that of the government which brings together the decree with which the cut in excise duties on fuels was extended. The latter are reduced with a discount of 30 cents, now extended until July 8, 2022. The Ukraine bis decree also includes the reimbursement of 100 euros per capita per day for municipalities that welcome unaccompanied minors from Ukraine.

Building bonuses: the Soa certification obligation is triggered

And there is a sretta on building bonuses: from 1 July 2023, to benefit from building bonuses for works over 516 thousand euros, it will be necessary to turn to companies that have the “Soa” certification, until now necessary for companies to be able to participate in tenders public. The obligation to request the SOA will start from 1 January next, because from that date the companies will have to demonstrate that they have at least made a request to the certification bodies. According to Confartigianato data, 80% of small businesses do not have the qualification.

The other measures on biogas, milk quotas and outdoor areas

An amendment to the decree was also approved which introduces “urgent measures to increase the production of electricity from biogas”. It is envisaged that in order to contribute to energy independence from import sources and to favor renewable production in the agricultural sector, it is allowed for agricultural companies to expand the installed technical capacity for the production of electricity from biogas coming from plants already in operation, by means of additional production beyond the nominal power of the plant.

The terms have been reopened, for 60 days, for milk producers who want to join the payment in installments of the fines for milk quotas. The measure is aimed at the “debtors of the levy who are subject to compulsory collection acts by the Revenue Agency”. The novelty would allow over three thousand companies to pay in installments an amount that exceeds 800 million euros, allowing debtors to pay without facing a compulsory collection procedure.

Bars and restaurants will be able to enjoy an extension until 30 September to maintain the dehors, paying for the occupation of public land, but without requesting new authorizations. The approved amendment allows establishments already deemed suitable to continue, upon payment, to use outdoor tables and chairs throughout the summer season without having to produce any new requests.