Here are the thousand uses of the excellence spirulina Algae of Calabria

Known in antiquity as nectar of the godsrenamed by FAO food of the futurel’Spirulina Algae it is considered a very precious resource for human beings and for the environment.

But what is Spirulina Algae? Spirulina is a cianobattero which is also referred to as a micro-alga due to its microscopic size. It is more than two million years old, grows spontaneously in Africa and South America and represents the food resource of the future for its considerable potential in the fight against malnutrition. It is in fact a natural food supplement rich in vegetable proteins, vitamins, omega 3 and omega 6, fibre, iron, potassium and magnesium.

In addition to its high protein content, Spirulina is used in the kitchen, in the Mediterranean diet, of sportsmen, even of astronauts, in cosmeticsin the medicine.

Through the supply of vegetable proteins, vitamins, fibers, essential fatty acids and its alkaline properties, Spirulina is also a excellent adjuvant in the prevention and treatment of many diseases including: anemia, hypertension, aging, chronic and induced fatigue, hypercholesterolemia, hypertriglyceridemia, infertility, immunodeficiencies, tumours.

Spirulina Fox by Biorisi srl: the superfood produced in Calabria

What binds spirulina algae to Calabria?

Thanks to new technologies, the spirulina algae is able to grow even in the South. In Calabria, in Lamezia Terme, she was born in 2019 Biorisi srl, an innovative start-up which operates in applied research and in the production of micro-algae under the brand name of Spirulina Fox.

In fact, Biorisi uses a more evolved species of micro-algae, Spirulina maxima (Arthrospira maxima), cultivated in an innovative way in Calabria with the use of an international patent and already the subject of studies and scientific publications by the University of Calabria and entities operating in Research (CNR and BIORISI srl)

Cultivated in special greenhouses with patented Oil Fox technologythe seaweed is produced here with a percentage of spirulina pari al 100%.

Indeed, Calabria boasts ideal climatic conditions for the cultivation of spirulina, providing a favorable environment for its growth and guaranteeing an exceptional quality of the final product. Biorisi srl greenhouses optimize the benefits of the Mediterranean climate and they enjoy the quality of the sunlight, which recreates the ideal climate for the natural growth of the seaweed and the properties of the water in which it is grown, always controlled and healthy. Thanks to these precautions, Spirulina Fox grows healthy, abundant and without any chemical artifice.

Biorisi Spirulina between ethics and sustainability

Biorisi srl is committed to supporting scientific and technological research to combat food emergencies in the poorest countries. Furthermore, the production cycle implemented by the Calabrian start-up allows for the promotion of a circular economy.

The Spirulina produced by Biorisi is already used:

– in the context of applied research in the environmental field in collaboration with the University of Calabria and the CNR. From an environmental point of view, the research concerns the use of Spirulina to cleanse water from microplasticsas well as a precious organism to convert carbon dioxide into oxygen. In fact, in an era of ecological transition, to counter climate change due to global warming, Spirulina is a fundamental ally because it consumes, absorbs and metabolizes CO2 by itself, returning oxygen. Indeed, 1 ton of spirulina biomass is capable of absorbing 1.8 tons of CO2.

– in the field of applied research in pharmaceutical field in collaboration with the University of Calabria and the CNR for the low-cost extraction of the said protein ficocianina as a promising anti-cancer drug;

– as a supplement in addition to typical foods of the Mediterranean diet (pasta, baked goods, jams, cheeses) by increasing the energising, protein, vitamin and mineral salt content capacities. Thanks to Spirulina, traditional foods become so-called superfoods;

– come dietary supplement in tablets or sprigs, sold in pharmacies and herbalists.

Health, sports, cosmetics, cooking: the thousand uses of Spirulina

We have already underlined how the partnership between the Calabrian start-up Biorisi srl, the University of Calabria and the CNR is working hard in the field of scientific research on the potential of phycocyanin, a protein extracted from spirulina as a promising anticancer drug.

In addition to this, there are many uses of Spirulina in everyday life. Its big advantage is that a single kilogram of spirulina algae corresponds to about 1000 kilograms of vegetables (70% protein – vitamin B12 in quantity – 2800% more beta-carotene than carrots – 3900% more iron than spinach – 280% more antioxidants than blueberries).

Spirulina is widely used as a natural food supplement taken in pills, tablets or powder, for those who practice sport: among the most famous, tennis player Djokovic, world football champions such as Messi, Cristiano Ronaldo and Benzema. With energizing, anti-inflammatory and antioxidant effect, for the astronauts of NASA and ESA, including the Italian Samantha Cristoforetti; as an adjuvant in therapies for pathologies that are widespread in the western world (hypertension, glycemia, allergies, tumours, reduced potency, cervical arthrosis, Alzheimer’s and Parkinson’s, cellulite, baldness); in the prevention of COVID (raising of the immune defences) and as a support for the recovery in the post-COVID phases (natural energiser).

Biorisi srl’s Spirulina Fox is regularly included in the Ministry of Health’s Register of Food Supplements – General Directorate of Hygiene and Food Safety and Nutrition and can be used as a super food to enhance many foods. The Calabrian start-up, in collaboration with other local producers, has started experimenting with new spirulina Superfoods, i.e. agri-food products with the addition of spirulina with the aim of increasing their nutritional value:

  • Pasta, pizza and bread
  • Vegetarian – vegan dishes
  • Fish dishes – sushi
  • Salads
  • Vegetable condiments
  • Cheeses – ricotta – mozzarella
  • Creams for sweets
  • Yogurt – Milk – jams
  • Ice creams

Another line of research in which Biorisi srl is engaged is that of cosmetics, given the benefits of spirulina algae on the skin and face. The action of the micro-algae in reducing dark circles, giving an anti-aging, anti-acne effect, improving metabolism, toning and giving a brighter appearance to the skin is known.

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