Here drivers pay a lot for car insurance

22. September 2020, 11:23

Berlin is an expensive place for drivers, and in Germany the average premium for fully comprehensive car insurance is highest in the capital. All-round protection for the vehicle costs up to 44 percent more than the national average and even up to 74 percent more than in very cheap regions. This is shown by example calculations for over 8,000 postcode areas.

The highest premiums for car insurance are due in the big cities. But it is also comparatively expensive in the border regions to the Czech Republic, in the Ruhr area and in the Hamburg area.

“One reason for the premium differences are the regional loss statistics,” says Dr. Tobias Stuber, Managing Director of Motor Vehicle Insurance at Check 24. “Large cities in particular are often classified in high regional classes because there are more crashes due to the denser traffic. And the higher the rating, the more expensive car insurance is usually. “

In general, major German cities such as Berlin, Hamburg, Munich, Cologne and Frankfurt am Main are particularly expensive regions. In the south-east of Bavaria and in the Ruhr area, too, motorists pay comparatively high amounts for fully comprehensive car insurance, the overview of the comparison portal shows.

Comprehensive insurance for cars is comparatively cheap in many regions of northern and eastern Germany. In some municipalities in Lower Saxony or Mecklenburg-Western Pomerania, for example, up to 17 percent less car insurance is due than the national average.

The regional class or the place of residence is only one of over 50 tariff features that determine the amount of vehicle insurance. In addition, it is also important who drives the car, how high the annual mileage is and in which type class the car is classified. (dr)

Photo: Check 24



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