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Here is a fantastic abs exercise that is missing from our routine

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To stay in shape and have a perfect and toned body, you need to eat a certain way. In fact, it is essential to select the right foods that can be a panacea for our health. Furthermore, training regularly is equally essential. Abdominals in particular are the most loved and sexiest muscles. Showing them off on the beach this summer is the dream of many. Here is a fantastic exercise for the abs that is missing in our routine, let’s see which one.

There are tons of ab exercises

There is a plethora of exercises to train your abs. We are spoiled for choice. There are the classic crunches, which consist of bending the torso forward. There is the plank which is based on isometry. Leg raises on the bar are also a great exercise.

In the daily routine, however, there is usually missing a fundamental exercise that many neglect. It is a complete movement that affects many muscle groups and can help us quickly achieve the results we aim for.

Here is a fantastic abs exercise that is missing from our routine

A really useful exercise can be the russian twist. It mainly focuses on the oblique abdominals. The execution is quite simple. You sit on the ground, then arch your legs by lifting your knees. He then moves his back slightly backwards, in order to engage the abdominal muscles. They must remain contracted for the duration of the exercise, as well as the lats and lumbar. From this position, the trunk is rotated to the left and then to the right. The left arm crosses the right leg and vice versa.

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Variations to try

Those with more advanced preparation can try variations. The first step is to lift your heels off the ground. In this way the contraction of the abdomen will be greater. Another variation involves the crossing of the legs.

Changes can also be applied to the upper body. Having a medicine ball or dumbbell in your hand can make the movement more challenging.

An exercise to include in your daily workout.

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