here is his latest, spectacular image

The Hubble telescope has accustomed us to sensational photos of the cosmos, all thanks to his tireless work and his acquisition tools that have always worked excellently for over 32 years. The one we are talking about today is one of the very latest images of him, which takes up the galaxy M99

Today’s shot you can – as mentioned earlier – resumes in all its magnificence the spiral galaxy M99, located about 42 million light years from Earth. Scientists identify M99 as a “G.Spiral alassia Grand Design“, that is a large family of galaxies that have very defined and marked outer arms.

According to the most recent calculations, the Grand Design currently constitute 10% of all spiral galaxies in the Universe, in accordance with what was declared by NASA and ESA. To be able to observe it in all its beauty (the photo you find at the bottom of the news speaks for itself), the Hubble Space Telescope had to employ two different observations, each serving different astronomical purposes.

The first series of observations it was performed because scientists were looking for discrepancies between the various cosmic explosions, to better understand their commonalities and differences. By cosmic explosions we mean the classic nine and supernovae.

The second set of observationsInstead, it focused on a larger project (of which Hubble is a part) that seeks to establish a concrete connection between the formation of young stars and the gas of which their neighboring areas are composed.

By merging these two studies, it was possible to derive what it is today one of the most spectacular photos Hubble has ever acquired from a single galaxy. Obviously the telescope works of excellence are a lot, and the career of the telescope with glasses is studded with great successes.

Not surprisingly, when it went into operation in the distant 1990, space exploration was completely revolutionized, showing things that we humans “we couldn’t even imagine“. Now that the colleague (much more powerful) James Webb Space Telescope it is ready to take action, it is reasonable to expect an even sharper evolutionary leap.

If you want proof, here’s the latest Webb telescope test photo that shocked scientists.