here is the brand and the lot

A brand of mineral water has been withdrawn from the market due to a microbiological risk. Let’s find out what the offending lot is in order not to risk damaging our health.


The problem contaminated mineral water it is very serious for our health. We can hardly notice the risks unless a market withdrawal is communicated as has happened in recent days. Fortunately, the Ministry of Health never lowers its guard and warns in time if it detects contamination in food and drinks.

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What is contaminated mineral water

We should all drink around 2 liters of mineral water per day to help the body perform its functions correctly. Thinking that we run the risk of introducing contaminated water into our bodies is scary but luckily we know the brand and batch to watch out for.

The ministry has announced on its website that in these days it is proceeding with the withdrawal from the market of Plose water bottles. These are 100 cl glass bottles bottled on July 13, 2021 and which have a deadline for consumption on July 13, 2023 or bottled on July 14, 2021 with expiration on July 14, 2023 or July 21, 2021 with expiration on July 21, 2023. .

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Other indicted lots


The withdrawal is involving, then, the Plose bottles of mineral water from 75 cl bottled on 20 July with a shelf life of 20 July 2023 and those from 50 cl bottled on 21st July ending on 21st July 2023.

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The bottles were filled by Fonte Plose Spa in the plant in Bressanone located in via J. Durst 12. The risk is microbiological, as already mentioned, therefore immediate return of the product is recommended.

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The retreats in the last days

The Ministry of Health has communicated other withdrawals in recent days of products that put citizens’ health at risk. One article is the salami contaminated by the bacterium Listeria while the contamination of the bacterium is still being investigated cheddar cheese which would contain the same bacterium as salami. The cheese is Cahill Porter’s Irish Ceddar made by Cahill Farm Cheeses. The offending lot is the number 21118 expiring on October 28, 2021.